Kapp Niles to display grinding, measuring machines at Gear Expo

Find innovative gear grinding technology together with precision metrology systems – live at Gear Expo. It’s not two birds with one stone, but three machines at one trade show. Kapp Niles will display its latest grinding machine generation – the KNe3G – together with the analytical gear inspection system PGM 400 and the ultra-precise measuring machine KNM 7C. Both are now part of the newly founded division Kapp Niles Metrology.

Efficient, easy to use, ergonomic and effective – that’s what the ‘e’ is all about. The machine concept of the KNe3G comes with the new KNgrind software and HMI (Human Machine Interface), which means operator-friendly and machine-oriented parameterization of the generating grinding task. The latest control hardware and a multi-touch screen technology from Siemens (Sinumerik 840D) will interactively guide the user through the input of workpiece and technology data. The integrated measuring system of the KNe3G allows various alignments, analysis, and correction possibilities.

The PGM 400 analytical gear inspection system for workpieces up to Ø 450mm is designed to maximize uptime and throughput. Its measuring ability in relation to functional datums eliminates the need for expensive tooling or fixtures. With its modular design approach to the hard- and software, the PGM400 allows easy system upgrades and expansions.

The KNM C series complements diameter requirements from 500mm up to 1,600mm. The KNM 7C, with its highly accurate mechanics, is the result of well-proven technology and innovations adjusted to meet customer requirements specifically to determine form deviations of bearing rings, race rings, and all kinds of cylindrical workpieces.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.kapp-niles.com