PRODUCT SHOWCASE: HLC 150 H: The Perfect Gear-Cutting Solution For Multiple Workpieces

The HLC 150 H horizontal gear-cutting machine by EMAG Koepfer is the perfect complete solution for workpieces up to module 3 with a maximum length of 500 mm. It not only features all relevant gear-cutting technologies such as gear hobbing, skiving, screw milling, and worm skiving, it also includes press deburring and chamfering integrated into the machining area. As a result, an extremely wide range of workpieces can be finished without burrs — including gear and anchor shafts, steering pinions, planetary gears, and worm gears.

Component quality and process reliability are ensured, first by the cutter head. It has a very rigid suspension and always moves completely during the machining operation. The shift axis is based on the interpolation of two axes. This results in a large swivel angle for the cutter head, and a large shift path at the same time. This process is why the gear hobbing runs smoothly and high gear-cutting quality is guaranteed. Another important feature is the ability of the chips to fall downward freely, preventing chip build-up. For chip discharge, various solutions are available including scraper-belt or permanent-magnetic conveyors — with the option of a deep-bed filter with magnetic pre-separator drum for ferromagnetic materials, non-ferrous metals, and plastic.

The HLC 150 H also reduces costs in several ways. Its frequency-controlled hydraulic units are energy-efficient. The media supply is only activated when required. Furthermore, the quick-clamping system and easy accessibility of the machine allow changing of all tools in a short time.

Additionally, the HLC 150 H includes a largely modular automation system. An integrated high-speed gantry loader with rotating twin gripper handles lighter components up to 3 kilograms. For heavier workpieces up to 10 kilograms, a V-shaped linear gripper is available. The machine can be integrated into a complete EMAG production line at any time.

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