PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Rota-S Flex From Schunk Maximizes Potential Of Milling, Turning Machines

The Rota-S Flex is a highly flexible manual chuck for machining a wide variety of workpieces on milling and turning machines. It has all the same beneficial features as the tested and proven Rota-S Plus in addition to extended guideways, transforming it into a large, versatile, lightweight chuck.

The weight of the Rota-S Flex is approximately 60 percent less than that of a conventional chuck with the same capacity. It has an identical table load, so that much heavier workpieces can be machined. Due to its low profile, the chuck allows plenty of space for the workpiece and tools. For machining smaller workpieces, the extended guideways can easily be disassembled, improving workpiece accessibility compared to conventional large chucks. A special lubrication system ensures permanently high clamping forces for both versions. The chuck also boasts seals that prevent chips and dust from entering.

The Rota-S Flex can be easily assembled on a machine table, and by using the optimized quick-change jaw system, retrofitting can be done quickly. The chuck clamps small parts as reliably as large ones, ensuring operator safety.

The Rota-S Flex is available in a variety of sizes and can be combined with numerous chuck jaws from the 1,200 types of the world’s largest standard chuck jaw program from Schunk.

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