Machine Tool Builders Represents Diablo Furnaces LLC

Diablo Furnaces LLC is a new startup company manufacturing, retrofitting, upgrading, servicing, and supplying parts for atmosphere heat treating equipment. Operating under the name Diablo LLC, the infrastructure has been in place for 1.5 years working with Machine Tool Builders (MTB). Separately launching its own company, Diablo LLC has a plethora of thermal processing knowledge, as many employees have worked within the industry for commercial heat treaters and OEMs.

Diablo Furnaces LLC supplies the following products and services:

  • Tubes
  • Elements
  • Fans
  • Chain guides
  • Pushers
  • Roller hearths
  • Retools
  • Catalyst
  • Recontrol of old equipment
  • Conversions: electrical to gas
  • Upgrading burner systems
  • Repair kits
  • Water and air cooled fans
  • IQF – Internal Quench Furnaces
  • Box furnaces
  • Tempers
  • Washers
  • Power transfer carts

As its sales representative, MTB will be handling the sales and marketing aspects of Diablo. MTB was chosen as the official sales representative for Diablo equipment because of its reputation for excellence, according to the company. MTB handles representation for:

  • Hera hobbing equipment manufactured in Korea by Yunil Machine
  • Burri BZ generative gear grinders and PM-550T profile machine for threaded and non-threaded wheels manufactured in Germany by Burri GmbH
  • D+P (Donner + Pfister AG) gear-checking and measurement systems with the flexibility of mobility. Systems are manufactured in Switzerland by Donner + Pfister AG (DPAG)

MTB also rebuilds, recontrols, services, and repairs gear-cutting and grinding equipment, along with handling rebuilds and recontrols for large VTLs, boring machines, and grinders.