Klingelnberg To Invest Six Million Euros in H├╝ckeswagen Site

Klingelnberg has earmarked 6 million euros for investment in the building infrastructure as well as cutting-edge production technology at the Hückeswagen site. Measures will include expanding and modernizing the shop floors and bringing Klingelnberg's machine fleet up to state-of-the-art standards.

Four advanced technology machine tools are set to replace established installations. The first new machine was already delivered in August 2016.

“Technical developments are continuing at a fast pace,” said Martin Boelter, managing director of production and technology. “We are drawing on this to provide our employees with optimal conditions in which to bring their potential together with the latest production technology. In this way, we are ensuring that Klingelnberg will always be synonymous with the highest quality standards and high-precision components in manufacturing.”

Boelter continued, “Here at Hückeswagen, we have a lot planned for the coming years. In addition to modernizing our shop floors and acquiring modern machine tools, a great deal of forward-looking projects are in the works in product development.”

Klingelnberg has already made a name for itself in the gear industry, due to its highly skilled employees, specialized technological know-how, and innovative ideas. However, according to the mechanical engineering firm, it has no intention of slowing down.

“We currently have many orders on the books,” Boelter said. “Our aim is to continue to expand this strong market position. All signs are clearly pointing to further growth!”

Klingelnberg has a high concentration of specialized technicians who possess the requisite technical skills. This provides ideal conditions for the Hückeswagen-based company to establish itself as a market leader. In view of this, Klingelnberg continues to tweak its long-term production strategy internally. Optimizing production processes, cutting costs, and repositioning the company sites are just a few of the actions the company has undertaken.

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