PRODUCT SHOWCASE: EXSYS Tool, Inc. Releases World‘s Smallest Capto Interface

EXSYS Tool, Inc. recently introduced the Eppinger Capto base holder, referring to it as the world’s smallest Capto interface with the fastest tool changeover times for enhancing efficiency and productivity in CNC turning operations.  

When compared to traditional designs, the compact size of the EXSYS/Eppinger Capto base holder provides more space for machining larger workpieces as well as improved torque transmission and rigidity for increased tool accuracy. The interface’s cone-style shape further adds to the solution’s high precision and stiffness.  

A special built-in release mechanism on the outer diameter of the EXSYS/Eppinger Capto base holder’s spindle provides optimal operator accessibility, and makes it easy to lock and unlock the Capto adapters with a small Allen key for fast tool changes. The automatic ejection of the Capto adapters also guarantees quick tool exchanges.

Available for bolt-on and VDI-style turrets, the Eppinger/EXSYS Capto base holder accommodates fixed and rotary tools, including the EXSYS/Eppinger Preci-Flex® system, and accepts all standard Capto/PSC adapters. The same Capto adapters used in milling applications will now work in turning operations thanks to the versatility of the solution.  

Scott Leitch, a representative for EXSYS Tool, Inc, said, “With the product’s superb rigidity, short tool changeover times and high accuracy, users will definitely experience enhanced productivity, profitability and an overall better machined component.”    

Founded in 1987, EXSYS Tool, Inc. provides high-precision rotary and static-fixed tool holder solutions for CNC turning centers. The company is the exclusive importer of German-made EPPINGER tooling, including the revolutionary PRECI-FLEX® adapter system for lathe tooling changeovers. With headquarters near Tampa, Fla., and support offices in California, Canada and Mexico, EXSYS is able to effectively offer more than 22,000 different types of tool holders, gold standard tooling repair and applications expertise to manufacturers throughout North America. EXSYS Tool Repair LLC. specializes in rebuilding driven tooling for your CNC turning center. Although they are factory authorized by Eppinger, they are capable of rebuilding virtually every make and model of driven tools. EXSYS technicians are applying the essential well-known German standards. Understanding the principles behind German engineering has allowed their facility to undergo tasks of the utmost precision. Maximizing the life of tooling requires knowledge of an extensive line of bearings and assembly procedures. EXSYS has the ability to repair any holder to OEM specifications or it is non-repairable.

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