Röhm Names Matthew Mayer CEO of North American Division

Röhm GmbH, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality clamping and gripping technology, recently appointed Matthew Mayer to the position of chief executive officer for its North American division, Röhm Products of America.

The Germany-based company selected Mayer for this leadership role based on his extensive experience, proven success, results-oriented approach and strategic mindset, as these qualities are key to further extending Röhm’s influence throughout North America.

With more than 20 years of progressive experience in the manufacturing industry, Mayer has broad and valuable working knowledge of sales, machining, assembly and OEM operations. Prior to joining Röhm Products of America, he held high-level management positions within the industry that involved sales, production, product design and applications engineering.

“It’s exciting to be leading an important division of a long-standing global company that has grown its business by taking great pride in providing manufacturers with superior clamping and gripping technology and first-class service and support,” said Mayer. “I look forward to contributing to the company’s ongoing success and leadership in the ever-evolving North American manufacturing landscape.”   

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Röhm Products of America, a division of the Röhm Group, has been a leading provider of high-quality clamping and gripping technology to the North American metalworking industry since 1978. The company’s broad and powerful product portfolio encompasses drill chucks, live centers, lathe chucks, vices, automation technology, power chuck technology, mandrels, tool clamping systems and customized solutions for turning, milling, drilling and grinding applications. The company also takes pride in providing world-class support and services to ensure trouble-free machining processes for its customers within the aerospace, automotive, energy, engineering, micro technology and rail vehicle manufacturing sectors.

For more information, visit www.rohm-products.com.