PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Sunnenís SHO-965 Honing Oil Introduced

Sunnen Products introduces its new SHO-965 honing oil, a low-VOC formulation based on its most widely used general-purpose oil, MB-30.

The new SHO-965 oil has a more pleasant odor, yet retains all of the high-performance qualities of industry-standard MB-30 oil, including maximum cutting rates and increased abrasive life when honing difficult materials like stainless steel. SHO-965 is also highly versatile, working on virtually any metal from aluminum to zirconium, and effective as a general cutting oil for screw machines, drilling, tapping and reaming. Its long service life also helps decrease cost per part.

SHO-965 joins Sunnen’s planet friendly oils, SHO-500, MAN-863 and KG3X. The new oil is available in 5-gallon (18.9 l) pails, 55-gallon (208.2 l) drums and 330-gallon (1,249 l) totes.

For additional information call 1-800-325-3670 or email