Conicity Introduces SXM-50 Saw Blade Edge Prep Machine


Conicity Technologies, LLC, the leader in cutting tool edge preparation technology, recently introduced their new SXM-50 saw blade edge preparation machine. The SXM-50 is the latest in Conicity’s line of machines developed for edge preparation. This machine will reduce chipping of saw blade tips and provide a significant increase in saw blade life.

The SXM-50 is capable of edge preparation on blades from 10” diameter to 24” diameter. Cutting edges that can be prepped using the SXM-50 include carbide, cermet, PCD, and PCBN. The production rate is set by the machine based on blade diameter of the blade. For example, a 24” saw blade will process in 50 seconds, whereas a 10” diameter blade will process in 30 seconds. The dimensions of the SXM-50 are 32” wide, 64” high and 43” deep. Edge prep size ranges include four different selectable sizes for blades used in ferrous applications and an additional four selectable sizes for blades used in non-ferrous applications.

Conicity Technologies—a subsidiary of Weiler Corporation—is developer of the patented Engineered Micro-Geometry™ (EMG) technology used to improve workpiece quality and extend tool life through precise management of the tool-workpiece interface.

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