Companies to exhibit, demo products at Gear Expo


Gleason Corporation

Booth 1411

Among the most noteworthy of the new technologies that Gleason is exhibiting is the versatile new Gleason 300GMSL Inspection System. In addition to conventional tactile probing, the 300GMSL also offers non-contact laser sensor scanning of tooth flanks to support gear development. Complete topography data can be recorded far more rapidly than with conventional tactile probing, with comparable results.

The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface considerably expands both the functionality and the range of applications for this machine platform, making the 300GMSL the ideal solution for research and development applications for both prototype and production parts or when reverse engineering is required. It can easily accommodate spur and helical cylindrical gears as well as straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears, all with diameters of up to 300 mm.

Its capabilities also include surface finish measurement and Barkhausen noise analysis to inspect for grind burn.

Another significant new Gleason technology on display at Gear Expo will be the new Genesis® 400HCD Hobbing Machine. For hobbing of larger cylindrical gears in small batches, Gleason’s new continuous fly cutting process offers significant advantages for improving chamfering flexibility and reducing costs as compared to chamfering on a dedicated, stand-alone machine. This feature is available on the new Genesis® 400HCD Hobbing Machine, designed for workpieces up to 400 mm outside diameter and module 8 mm. The 400HCD has the capability to chamfer/deburr in parallel with hobbing, thus eliminating the cycle times and cost per piece added when chamfering/deburring conventionally.

Mazak Corporation

Booth 123
A Mazak INTEGREX e-1550V/10 multi-tasking 5-axis machining center cuts a 6-foot diameter ring gear. (Courtesy: Mazak)

Mazak will demonstrate recent advancements in manufacturing systems and processes that make the business of producing high-quality gears an easier, faster, and highly profitable endeavor for job shops across all industry segments. Visitors will discover how Mazak’s multi-tasking machines, when equipped with the latest MAZATROL Smooth CNC and Mazak Smooth Gear Cutting Solutions, can serve as adaptive machining solutions for precision gears of all shapes and sizes.

Mazak will highlight its new closed-loop gear machining strategy, developed in conjunction with software developer Dontyne Systems, which simplifies the measurement and validation of the accuracy of virtually any gear tooth profile. Through this groundbreaking process, shops with full, 5-axis multi-tasking capabilities can productively and profitably produce tight-tolerance gears in small and medium volumes. The process also makes it possible to generate more complex and specialty forms for better overall gear performance.

Attendees will also experience how Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothX CNC operates four times faster than the company’s previous-generation controls. Gear makers, especially, will benefit from faster rotary axis speeds, which allow the machine tool to quickly perform gear hobbing and skiving operations.

Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc.

Booth 1015

(Courtesy: Liebherr)

Liebherr Gear Technology will introduce gear skiving machine series LK 300 and 500 based on the tried-and-tested components of the corresponding large hobbing machines but with greater rigidity and more powerful spindles. A gear skiving machine requires a table with a direct drive owing to the high workpiece speeds required. This drive works with an automatic control that constantly has the optimal parameters. Liebherr designs the complex clamping fixture, which links the workpiece and the machine.

With its skiving3 program, Liebherr not only provides the LK 300 or 500 skiving machine, but a whole process, including machine, tools, and technology for gear production. This integrated approach from Liebherr has already been tried and tested in practice. For many customers, the process of skiving is new, and therefore the operators of the machines need comprehensive training and assistance. On top of that, the tool design is a very complex issue

Skiving3 is popular especially for internal gearing with medium size and quantity as it is much faster than shaping, and more economical than broaching. In situations where gear skiving is not possible or appropriate, owing to interfering contours or quantities that are too low, Liebherr still offers technological alternatives with gear shaping and gear hobbing.

The newly developed LHGe@rTec control system also contains the mathematical formulas for pressure angle corrections. This way, quality improvements can be easily achieved via the kinematics of the machine.

Koepfer America

Booth 807

The CLC 200-SZC CNC gear shaping machine ready for shipment at the CLC factory in Italy.

Koepfer America continues to innovate and will show the CLC 200-SZC CNC gear shaping machine. As with all CLC machines, the 200-SZC features robust components, such as direct-drive torque motors, for maximum quality and machine life. This show machine will feature CNC cutter relief, crowning, and taper. Traditionally, these CNC features have limited stroking speeds; however, a new design concept from CLC provides both CNC cutter control as well as mechanical control. This allows up to 2,000 strokes per minute. No longer must gear manufacturers choose between flexibility and speed. They can have both.

That is not all to see on the CLC 200-SZC — this machine will also feature on-board robotic loading and unloading with Koepfer-style gravity and conveyor parts magazines.

Third Wave Systems

Booth 538

Third Wave Systems will demonstrate AdvantEdge software at Gear Expo.

Third Wave Systems will return to Gear Expo in October to showcase the latest advancements in new gear-machining capabilities for AdvantEdge, its finite element software. Stop by its booth for a demonstration or to determine if AdvantEdge gear machining is a fit for your machining processes. Third Wave Systems will also be giving a presentation at 4 p.m., October 24, on the Solutions Center stage. The presentation will feature AdvantEdge gear machining demonstrations and examples.


  • Simulate and analyze cutting process and chip formation.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs through tool life and material remove-rate improvements.
  • Improve gear quality by identifying chip-formation problems and the heat and stress added during machining.
  • Increase development ROI by reducing engineering effort and trial-and-error prototype testing.


Due to the significant cost and difficulty of studying and understanding gear-machining processes through experimental methods, the ability to virtually model and simulate this process is expected to be an important innovation for the industry.

  • Analyze cutting processes (temperature, strain, stress, force, chip shape).
  • Reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Analyze tool failure and chip formation.
  • Increase material removal rates.
  • Increase tool life.
  • Improve gear quality.
  • Analyze gear residual stress indicators.
  • Identify potential chip flow complications.
  • Reduce tool and gear tool deflection.
  • Increase development ROI.
  • Reduce engineering effort.
  • Reduce trial-and-error prototype testing.
  • Reduce time to market.

Balance Systems Corporation

Booth 1548

At the Balance Systems booth you will see first-hand specific solutions for grinding machines such as VM25, VM15, and VM9 GA EASY.

VM25 is a fully-programmable ancillary system designed to optimize extreme grinding processes. In fact, it is suitable for high-performance applications including 2-plane balancing for worm wheel used in the gear grinding. Thanks to its modular architecture, it can be installed in any type of grinding machine, both new and retrofitted.

VM15 is engineered for medium-complex applications. It stands out for the combination between performance and simplicity, in order to cover the needs of the vast majority of grinding operations. As the top-of-the-range VM25, the VM15 is able to handle balancing, touch-detection, and gauging with one single unit.

VM9-GA EASY system is specifically designed for plug-and-play gauging applications. It is available in two versions, EASY2 and EASY3. Both of them can measure, in a comparative mode, external diameters on continuous surfaces. The model EASY3 allows the active or passive axial positioning of the workpiece.

Bourn & Koch

Booth 407

Bourn & Koch will be showcasing two of its most popular machines: the 100H Gear Hobber and the Fellows 10-4. Both machines have been a staple of its machine tool offerings for more than a decade. However, new features will be debuted at the show that will be sure to give attendees a new perspective on the company’s capabilities. The company will demo the newly designed BKI-HMI in the booth, allowing customers to experience just how easy Bourn & Koch has made programming a high-quality hobbed gear. Attendees can schedule an appointment to have their application reviewed and programmed by the company team in the booth. The Fellows 10-4 has an all-new look as well. Both machines will be available for sale at the show and can be shipped direct to the buyer’s shop floor.

C & B Machinery

Booth 1101

“The Gear Expo is a great place to showcase our latest technologies and advancements in double-disc grinding. This event is unique to our industry which allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements taking place to ensure that we are in line with the latest industry standards,” said Fabrizio Tarara, vice president at C & B Machinery.

Education offered at this year’s Gear Expo features new sessions for professionals who work in industries such as off-highway, industrial applications, automotive, oil and gas, defense, aerospace, agriculture, and construction.

“I encourage everyone to attend this event and stop by our booth at the Gear Expo 2017,” Tarara said. “You’ll see everything you need to streamline your company’s grinding applications and make advancements to your overall production volumes. We have many flexible designs to fit any requirements that your company may have and the industry knowledge since 1981 to tackle the toughest grinding applications in our industry today.”

Canton Drop Forge

Booth 631

Canton Drop Forge will have gears for off-highway and wind power on display and will discuss custom forging projects for mining, aerospace, oil and gas, locomotive, off-highway, and wind-power industries.

CGI Inc.

Booth 707

Since 1967, CGI has consistently been providing exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Known as a world-class gear and precision component manufacturer, CGI also offers design and manufacturing of motion-control sub-assemblies. Its team of highly skilled and diverse professionals can take a product from design through assembly. The USA-based manufacturing facility is fully certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS 9100 quality standards.

Felsomat USA

Booth 1135

Attendees will be able to review and discuss Felsomat’s Flexline – the innovative, flexible manufacturing solution combining all aspects of gear production into a seamless automated cell. This unique concept incorporates the diverse processes required for gear production including turning, hobbing, laser welding, heat-treating, and gear grinding. Felsomat has garnered a global reputation for precise, efficient, and autonomous loading systems designed to enable all manufacturing processes to be completely decoupled. Felsomat solutions include gantry, single-arm robotic cells, and automated storage/stacker cells. Since 1990, Felsomat has delivered more than 10,000 machine-loading cells to the world’s leading automotive powertrain manufacturers and tier one suppliers such as Audi, BMW, Eaton, FCA, Ford, Getrag, Linamar, GM, Mercedes, VW, and ZF.

Index Technologies, Inc.

Booth 236

Index Technologies, Inc., was formed in 1999 to service gear manufacturer’s hob-sharpening needs. Since the company’s beginning, it has added four CNC Klingelnberg machines all rebuilt and re-controlled with state-of-the-art technology by Northeast Technologies in North Ridgeville, Ohio. The sharpening service has expanded to include broaches, shaper cutters, and skiving cutters. The custom-built CNC 4 Axis skive cutter sharpener GTS I will be featured at the show. The company’s second generation GTS II skive cutter sharpener will have specifications available and ready to quote for end users as well. GTS II will have the same capacity as the show machine, only with a smaller footprint. The GTS series of machines built by Hauser Index is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately sharpen the unique geometry of today’s skiving cutters. Software is also available to sharpen hobs as well as a variety of cutting tools.

Index pioneered edge-preparation technology ensuring the cutting edge is tuned to take full advantage of today’s coatings. They partner locally with Oerlikon Balzers coating facility for stripping and coating services, enabling customers to take full advantage of the latest coating offerings. Index adheres to AGMA, DIN, MCTI, JIS, and user-defined standards. Its CNC PNC 30 gear-measuring machine hob software ensures compliance to customer requirements. Index turns tools around quickly. Additionally, it has 24-hour “Fast Track” sharpening service when needed.


Booth 422

Matrix Design, LLC will feature the Deburr Demo cell at Gear Expo in Columbus, Ohio. (Courtesy: Matrix Design)

Matrix will feature its new Deburr Demo cell. Attendees will have the opportunity to see live advanced robotic deburring technologies. This modular-designed automation system includes four interchangeable stations arranged in a quadrant formation around a single M-20iA35M FANUC robot, each featuring various deburring solutions that address the unique challenges associated with deburring.

“We are very excited to unveil our new robotic deburring applications system,” said Jeff Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing. “This new system will allow us to demonstrate our automated deburring technologies to manufacturers as well as qualify new potential deburring applications.” Matrix’s staff will be on hand to present, answer questions, and to help end users understand how manufacturers’ operations can benefit from increased productivity, improved safety and work environment, decreased costs, and consolidation of processes.


Booth 628

SMT will showcase upcoming CAE technology as well as offer demos for people who want to see for themselves how fast a gearbox model can be created and analyzed in SMT’s MASTA software.

SMW Autoblok

Booth 229

SMW Autoblok will be featuring its SJL Equalizing Power Chucks. Ideal for clamping deformation-sensitive components, the SJL series provides superior 6-jaw (2+2+2) clamping with high radial and axial clamping accuracy and self-centering capabilities. The system is part of the Proofline® series and is fully sealed for reduced maintenance. Specific products from the company’s line of diaphragm chucks will also be on display at Gear Expo. With the absence of sliding parts, these chucks need no lubrication and offer a more consistent grip force, accurately repeating within 10 microns.

Röhm Products of America

Booth 1000

Röhm Products of America will showcase its industry-leading workholding innovations. The highlight of Röhm’s exhibit will be its KZF-S gear chuck, shown side-by-side with its Agilis segment clamping mandrel to demonstrate a complete solution for gear manufacturers. Röhm will also display its drill chucks, live and dead centers, its RZM 125 5-axis vise, the RKE 90 intensified vise, and the DURO-T manual chuck as well as F-senso clamping force measuring system, robotic end-of-arm grippers, DURO-NCSE power chuck, and Captis modular workpiece clamping system.

The KZF-S is a powerful external clamping chuck specifically made for gear surface face grinding. It is well suited for clamping gears/workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside. Additionally, the chuck allows face and ID diameters to be turned or ground concentric to outer gear pitch diameters. The chuck maintains its centrifugal force for extremely smooth rotation of less than 0.01 mm.

Röhm’s Agilis segment clamping mandrel will be demonstrated as the perfect partner to the KZF-S. Agilis holds the part on its inside diameters and KZF-S holds it on its pitch diameters.

The compact Agilis is built specifically for automatic changeover and small diameters clamping. The system draws in workpieces against a rigid work stop — an operation that happens independently thanks to incorporated pull-back action of the quick-change taper sleeves. The power-operated Agilis offers concentricity tolerances within 0.01mm, as well as repeatable high-clamping accuracy.

Röhm application specialists will also be on hand to discuss specific workholding challenges, as well as show how the company’s workholding and automation technologies can help increase productivity through lights-out and just-in-time manufacturing.