CMS to hold 35th annual metrology conference in July in Orlando

The CMSC is designed to meet the continuing education needs of the portable and traditional CMM communities. The annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference is July 22–26, 2019. (Courtesy: CMSC)

The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) has opened registration for its annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) for July 22–26, 2019. The event will be in Orlando, Florida.  This celebrates the conference that has been dedicated to measurement professionals worldwide for 35 years. The CMS will also pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of its popular Measurement Zone, a main achievement for the organization. The CMSC is designed to meet the continuing education needs of the portable and traditional CMM communities. Since 1984, industry experts have presented more than 525 original technical papers at the yearly event. In celebration, the CMS Executive Committee has special programming in the works for this year’s seminal gathering.

In 2009, the Coordinate Metrology Society wanted to expand its education mandate with a large visible presence at the conference. The Measurement Zone was conceived and launched to provide engaging experiences for attendees through daily activities in various zone areas, including knowledge and hands-on competition challenges using the latest metrology systems. Located in the heart of the CMSC exhibition hall, the Measurement Zone provides access to e-Learning tablets providing a variety of metrology topics from measurement uncertainty to dimensional control techniques. Other popular programs have been added in the past decade including the popular CMS Quiz Show and the well-attended Ask the Experts event.

“We are excited to offer expanded professional development opportunities to our membership at the 35th CMSC,” said Scott Sandwith, 2019 chairman. “The CMS will pay tribute to those who blazed a trail for metrologists, who recognized early on that we are a unique, and important, community under the manufacturing and research science umbrella. The metrology sector needed mentorship and continuing education. The founders also recognized the importance of connecting conference delegates to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), software developers and service providers. All of these priorities have made the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference what it is today. We are indebted to these industry pioneers who believed in sharing both practical and applied knowledge of metrology. In this spirit, the CMSC fosters a new generation of measurement professionals and creates a collaborative bridge between novice and expert practitioners,” Sandwith said.