Chemtura Announces New Extreme Pressure, Micropitting-Resistant Synthetic Gear Oil Series


Chemtura Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the ANDEROL® 5000 PLUS EP Synthetic Gear Oil product series, which is designed for gear applications requiring high micropitting resistance and protection under extreme conditions. Exceeding the most stringent gear box OEM and heavy industry specification requirements, these PAO/ester-based gear oils are formulated using a specific balance of advanced synthetic base stocks and additives to provide performance greatly superior to conventional petroleum oils.  

“To better serve the industry, Chemtura is expanding its presence in the high performance synthetic gear oil market beyond base stocks, additives and its current finished products portfolio,” said David Barker, global industrial market manager of Chemtura Corporation. “This new series of extreme pressure, micropitting-resistant premium gear oils will meet the growing demands of all major industrial gear box manufacturers, while providing many advantages over conventional oils.”

The base stock technology coupled with the additive system offers significantly improved load carrying ability, excellent wear and rust protection, higher viscosity indices, higher flash points, low pour points, cleaner running systems and improved thermal and oxidative stability compared to conventional oils. This helps promote higher gearbox reliability, extended lubricant life and reduced maintenance costs for the end user.

ANDEROL® 5000 PLUS EP Synthetic Gear Oils are approved by Tier 1 global gear OEMs and also meet the requirements of all the major industry specifications for EP gear oils. Depending on the specific application, the operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +100°C as the series includes a full range of viscosity offerings including ISO 220, 320, 460 and 680.

Synthetic gear oils service approximately 10% of the industrial gear oil market, with a current growth rate of approximately 5% each year, a significantly higher growth rate than that for conventional industrial gear oils. The market includes sub-segments such as power generation, cement, mining, steel and marine. Typical applications include lubrication in spur gear, bevel gear and planetary gear systems in heavy loaded gear units, along with oil-lubricated rolling bearings.

For more information about ANDEROL® 5000 PLUS EP Synthetic Gear Oils, please contact Wayne Sawyer at (973) 887-7410, ext. 1104 or To learn more about Chemtura, visit