Calculation of the Face Load Factor


In the KHβ calculation, the manufacturing allowances are now considered using the combinations of (+/-) signs of fma and fhb (module ZA35). Furthermore, the gap as well as load distribution are shown for all combinations of (+/-) fma and (+/-) fhb in graphs; they are also listed in the report. In case of planetary gears, the results are determined for each planet singularly.

Additionally, a new dialog is available which allows the user to define the number of slices for the calculation of load distribution. This allows, among other things, a faster calculation for planetary gears.

Based on the effective gaping in the tooth mesh, the optimal flank modification is now delivered. The flank line modification is considering the bending and torsion components of the shaft deformation.

Finally, the sizing of lengthwise crowning and helix angle modification is currently possible under consideration of the axis misalignments. The modification values are therefore calculated using the exact method ISO 6336-1, Annex E.

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