Brown & Sharpe Announces TESASCOPE


The TESASCOPE® optical comparator from Brown & Sharpe is designed to measure complex round parts such as gears, watch components, and fuel injector system parts in the metrology lab and on the shop floor.

The TESASCOPE advanced measuring system includes horizontal or vertical fiber optic surface illumination, profile illumination with green filter, a hard anodized and stabilized stage with high resolution linear glass scales, quick change bayonet lens mount, drawings side mount, and automatic lamp shutoff. A wide range of configurations and options, including TS-100 calculating boxes and TS-200 and TS-200E readout boxes, make TESASCOPE optical comparators versatile measuring systems for a variety of complex components.

The TESASCOPE optical comparator is available with rotary screen sizes of 12"/300 mm, 14"/355 and 20"/500 mm, and table sizes of 8"/200 mm X 4"/100 mm, 12"/300 mm X 4"/100 mm, and 12"/300 mm X 6"/150 mm. This broad size range accommodates small to large sized components that require magnification up to 100 X, whatever the material or shape.

The TESA TS-100 X/Y readout offers easy to use and access pre-programmed measurement routines for simple angle measurements. It is inch/metric switchable with 0.001"/0.001 mm resolution and features independent zero reset (X/Y), absolute and incremental measurement, X/Y linear compensation, illumination control, RS232 output, diameter and radius calculations using three to 10 entered points, distance calculation from last datum radius or diameter, and auto entry function.

Advanced TESA TS-200/200E calculating boxes offer polar and Cartesian coordinates, programming functions, part view printing, scale error detection, and edge detector option in the TS-200E.

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