Briney to Demo Shrink-fit Toolholding System at Eastec


At Eastec Booth 3000, Briney Tooling Systems will demonstrate the capabilities of the powerful, affordable tabletop induction heating unit designed to shrink-fit H-6 tolerance high speed steel and carbide cutting tools from .125-1.00 in. (3 mm-25mm) diameter into V-flange and HSK Shrinker tool holders, tool lengths to 18.75 in.

The preprogrammed 7.5 kw Briney Thermax is designed for reliable, simple operation and rapid cycling to save time on the shop floor. Its preprogrammed pushbutton operation makes it very easy to use, requiring no more input from the user than a choice of heating coil corresponding to tool diameter and selection of carbide or steel cycles. Four individual heat-sink cool-down positions, integral to the unit, include powerful fans to accelerate cooling time. Five different size aluminum heat sinks are available to fit a wide range of tool shanks.

Thermax is supplied with four quick-change heating coils. The operator plugs the appropriate coil into a vertical slide, and uses the slide to position the heating coil manually over the tool holder nose.

The 220-volt three-phase heating system requires no warm-up period and achieves the standard operating temperature in only seconds, expanding the tool holder bore to accept the cutting tool or allow its removal. Complete heating/cooling process takes only minutes, according to Briney. Cycles are repeatable to within 1 percent, assuring consistent application for each tool.

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