Big Kaiser Precision Tooling celebrates 70th anniversary


The precision tooling company founded by Heinz Kaiser in Rümlang, Switzerland, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

In 1948, 25-year-old Heinz Kaiser decided to give up his permanent job and start his own business near Zurich. His vision was to advance the development of high-quality tools needed to keep pace with the increasing productivity of machine tool technology at that time.

Heinz Kaiser had clear goals in mind: modern tools, manufactured in his own workshop, meeting high requirements. That meant designing tools which were strong, well-balanced, and capable of boring precise holes with high accuracy and surface quality. Over time, this commitment to ongoing research and development was enriched by decades of experience in the design, manufacture and application of efficient cutting solutions. The result was a complete range of CKB (KAB) tool and clamping systems for boring, milling, drilling, and external turning which are still widely used in industries around the world today.

Now a member of the BIG Daishowa Group of companies, Big Kaiser Precision Tooling continues to have an integral role in the company’s worldwide R & D and manufacturing strategy. The next generation of products developed in Switzerland delivers connectivity essential to today’s smart manufacturing environments. For example, the EWE Digital Boring Heads enable repeatable and highly precise cutting parameters (0.0001” and finer) and connect to a smartphone or tablet app to configure, monitor and track historical adjustments for multiple tools.

It has been 70 years since Heinz Kaiser started his success story with strong will, much faith, and a little bit of luck. Many things have changed in the world of manufacturing and technology, but not the quality standards of Big Kaiser Precision Tooling.