Bel Air Finishing Supply holding mass finishing seminar/workshop


Steve Alviti, president of Bel Air Finishing Supply, announced the company’s biannual, all-day mass finishing seminar and workshop on April 25, 2019. The presentation will focus on both traditional mass finishing and 3D post processing for additive manufacturing.

Topics will include surface finishing, coating, metrology, media, compounds, and process technologies for all parts, including additive manufactured parts. The seminar will begin with a classroom session in the morning, followed by a luncheon, then a hands-on session with Bel Air’s mass finishing equipment in its state-of-the-art process technology center. The workshop aims to provide ways to save time, cut costs, and improve product quality.

Bel Air’s wide range of machinery and media provide a variety of options for finishing parts in a way that best suits a customer’s “manufacturing culture.”

Bel Air has 52 years of serving the mass finishing industry, an experienced and knowledgeable engineering team, and a wide array of mass finishing equipment to cater to even the most specific finishing needs. Bel Air provides solutions for batch processing, single piece flow, and just-in-time manufacturing. Technicians’ analysis can provide guidance and recommendations for selecting the right equipment and process to guarantee maximum finishing and deburring function, efficiency, and the highest quality results.