AKGears adds one-day onsite Asymmetric Gear Design seminar


In 2019, AKGears added a new one-day onsite seminar called Asymmetric Gear Design. It is a part of a two-day onsite seminar, Direct Gear Design, provided since 2015. These onsite seminars, led by Dr. Alex Kapelevich, are motivated by the successful implementations of the Direct Gear Design method in different industries for a variety of gear drive applications.

The goal of the seminars is to familiarize attendants with an advanced alternative gear geometry definition and optimization method that can achieve gear drive performance that is not obtainable by traditional gear design methods. Along with the analytical aspects of this gear design approach, attendants will learn about its experimental confirmation and practical implementation, and also use AKGears’ custom-built software.

The new Asymmetric Gearing book addresses all aspects of asymmetric gear development, including the origins, theoretical fundamentals, tooth geometry optimization, stress analysis and rating, design and production specifics, analytical and experimental comparison to the best symmetric gears, and application examples.

AKGears, LLC, is a gear design consulting firm that specializes in performance maximization of custom gear transmissions. “Asymmetric Gearing” is available at CRC Press and Amazon.

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