AGMA Revises Membership Categories


The members of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) recently voted 110 to 5 to approve a change to its bylaws regarding its membership categories.

All gear manufacturers, regardless of where their businesses are primarily located, will be included in a single membership category, Gear Manufacturers, thus eliminating the International Membership (Associate Membership) category.

At its November 2016 meeting, the AGMA Board of Directors voted unanimously to adjust AGMA’s bylaws by streamlining membership categories. The Board vote was affirmed by a vote of the company members this month.

The adjustment will simplify AGMA’s membership into three major categories:

Gear Manufacturers: Companies that manufacture gears, gear products, and/or flexible couplings for sale as such, or as component parts of end-use products. Companies must have a bona fide gear or flexible couplings manufacturing facility. Dues are based on the total annual sales volume for the previous fiscal year. Total annual sales volume is defined as the total worldwide sales (in U.S. dollars) of all gears, gear products, and flexible couplings whether sold as such, included in end-use products or as replacement parts.

Associate Member – Supplier: Companies manufacturing and/or selling machinery, raw materials, or services (including inspection, testing, consulting, and sales representation). Dues are based on total worldwide sales attributable to the gear-production industry.

Associate Member – End User: Companies that do not manufacture any gears, but use gears, gear products, and/or flexible couplings as component parts of end-use products. Dues are paid at an established flat rate.

“With this change, the Association’s dues structure is now aligned, simplified, and equitable,” said Matt Croson, president of AGMA.

The Individual Consultant, Academic and Emeritus membership categories were not changed.