Advent Tool Introduces Indexable Involute Spline Milling Solution


After several years of in-house development, Advent Tool & Manufacturing has perfected a unique indexable form milling platform suitable for involute splines, spur gears, “V” shaped gears and various rack forms, among other applications.

Utilizing their proven and patented standard insert locking and locating system, Advent Tool produces the appropriate custom form on standard insert blanks ground in-house. With the system pictured, Advent Tool has two forms on the insert: one for roughing, and one for finishing. In addition to vast productivity gains from carbide, as opposed to high speed steel construction, in this application Advent Tool uses a three-tooth form in the cut, which further enhances throughput over a conventional single tooth involute hob cutter.

The new solution is part of a continuing company strategy to tackle difficult form generation applications in the metalworking arena. Advent Tool & Manufacturing is also known for many other form milling solutions, as well as thread mills.

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