$40,000 Prize Package Awarded to Greene County Career Center


Dayton Progress Corporation is pleased to announce Greene County Career Center as the winner of their “Manufacturing Challenge” competition aimed at promoting careers in manufacturing to high school students. Located in Xenia, OH, GCCC provides 26 career-technical programs to 573 students in fields such as Manufacturing & Transportation, Business & Technology, Engineering, Services, Agriculture and more.  

As winner of the competition, Greene County Career Center will receive a Dayton Progress Manufacturing Technology and Scholarship Grant, valued at $40,000 consisting of:

1. Three new computers with monitors, capacity and accessories suited for Computer Aided Design (CAD).
2. Licenses for the latest CAD software, based on state-of-the-art CAD technology used today in industry.
3. The cost of training a faculty member in the use of the CAD systems.
4. Five – $1,000 scholarships for Greene students to Sinclair Community College’s STEP II Program, the premiere area program in skilled manufacturing. 

Dayton Progress and the school will jointly establish student selection criteria.
In addition to the Manufacturing Challenge prize, four well-paid after-school internships will be offered to qualified senior year students from Greene County Career Center, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, and West Carrollton High School.  Each of the internships is expected to lead to full-time employment upon graduation. The interns will be trained for a manufacturing career by Dayton Progress.

“We’re very excited about the enthusiasm and effort that each of the participating schools put into this competition” said Dayton Progress President Alan Shaffer.  “The goal of this project was to promote awareness of careers in industrial manufacturing within Dayton area high schools, and all participants have demonstrated that.  Greene County Career Center’s entry was truly unique and should result in a creative and innovative program.”

“We’re confident that each of these programs will result in more students who are not college-bound entering manufacturing as well as more college-bound students choosing a technology and engineering path,” continued Shaffer.

For additional information on the Dayton Progress Manufacturing Challenge, contact Rosemary Domansky at (937) 859-5111, or via e-mail to rdomansky@daytonprogress.com.