Gear Project Engineer


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General Job Description:

The Gear Project Engineer is responsible for the design and analysis of Hypoid, Spiral bevel, Straight bevel, and Cylindrical gearsets, as well as Splines and Face clutches used in Meritor products.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Design Hypoid, Spiral bevel, Straight bevel, Cylindrical and Planetary gearsets per customer requirements.
  • Design net-forged or near-net-forged gears.
  • Design Splines per customer requirements.
  • Design gearsets and splines for various manufacturing processes.
  • Plan and implement development and test programs.
  • Coordinate engineering activities with other departments.
  • Review and approve gear and spline drawings.
  • Interpret assembly drawings that contain gears and splines, and understand system function and force/torque flow.
  • Provide technical support to application personnel.
  • Assist domestic and international facilities and vendors in product development, cost reduction initiatives, and manufacturing issues as required.
  • Attend design and program review meetings.
  • Attend customer meetings as required.
  • Use various computer systems as necessary to complete job functions.
  • Write detailed technical reports.
  • Create and make technical presentations.
  • Develop and implement standards and best practices.
  • Ensure on time completion of all project objectives.
  • Be able to work extra hours as necessary to complete assignments.
  • Be able to travel to attend meetings, conferences, technical training and trade shows.
  • Be able to travel domestically and internationally.
  • Have a valid driver’s license for travel and vehicle evaluations.
  • Fluent in written and oral English language.

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