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Engineering / Consulting

          Calibration Services


          Design Services

          Failure Analysis

          ISO Registration


Finishing / Processing

          Blast Cleaning

          Coating Services

          Cryogenic Processing Services

          Gear Deburring Services

          Shot peening

          Surface Coating

          Surface Hardening

          Vibratory Finishing

Heat Treating

          Age Hardening



          Gas Nitriding

          Heat Control Systems

          Ion Nitriding




          Other Heat Treating Services

          Plasma Nitriding


          Stress Relieving

          Vacuum Carburizing

Inspection / Testing

          Gear Testing

          Inspection / Metrology

          Metallurgical Testing

          Non-destructive testing

          Residual Stress Testing

          Speed Testing

Maintenance / Repair


          Field Service

          Gear Repair/Gear Unit Repair

          Grinding Wheel Replating

          Lubrication Analysis

          Parts (OEM & Aftermarket)

          Sharpening Services


          Bevel Gears

          Broach Manufacturing

          Custom Gears

          Cylindrical Grinding

          Enclosed Gearing

          Gear Boxes

          Gear Forging

          Gear Grinding

          Gear Hobbing

          Gear Racks

          Gear Shaping


          Injection Molding

          Internal Gear Grinding



          Metal to Plastic Conversion


          Open Gearing

          Other Manufacturing Services

          Plastic and Polymer Gears

          Powder Metal Gears




          Spline Broaching

          Spline Forming

          Spline Rolling and Machining

          Stock Gears



          Bar Stock


          Gear Blanks

          Material Handling


          Powder Metallurgy

          Rolled Rings


Other Services