Articles By Russ Willcutt


Company Profile: The Woodworth Group

Whatever market you serve, you can count on this company to go the extra mile to make sure your gears and components are heat-treated properly and made of the right stuff.

Company Profile: American Broach & Machine Co.

This company's growth and evolution over time is woven into the annals of American history, with its roots in the heydey of the U.S. automotive industry.

Company Profile: Alpha Workholding Solutions

Once you're aware of the many benefits of permanent electromagnet workholding and lifting devices you'll wonder why it's done any other way. Allow the experts to explain.

Company Profile: Carl Zeiss IMT

Whether you're producing tiny gears for medical applications or huge yaw rings for wind, this company supports your quest for quality.

Company Profile: North American Machine & Engineering Co.

If you're interested in lowering the cost of your capital investments while increasing productivity, look into this company's line of full-service machining centers.

Company Profile: Delta Gear, Inc.

Recent streamlining, capital investments, and expanded capabilities have this company poised for continued success.

Company Profile: Cone Drive Gearing Solutions

Now celebrating its 85th year in business, this company has an illustrious past that's sure to presage a remarkable future.

Company Profile: Lufkin Industries, Inc.

Established more than a century ago in Texas, this company has evolved into a global entity known for its engineering, manufacturing, and testing expertise.

Company Profile: Luren Precision Co., Ltd.

With roots in gear research, this company continues developing new designs for its cutting tools and gear-manufacturing equipment.

Company Profile: Hexagon Metrology

With a vast portfolio of coordinate measuring brands and machines, this company can meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Company Profile: Schunk USA

With a history of innovation going back nearly seven decades, this company continues to create leading-edge toolholding and workholding devices.

Company Profile: Artec Machine

Whether you're in the market for drive system design assistance or skilled maintenance and training services, this company has solutions to the challenges you face.

Company Profile: Metlab

In terms of both knowledge and capabilities, this company is known for doing whatever it takes to find solutions to its customer's most-complex problems.

Company Profile: Comtorgage Corp.

Based on a rock-solid design created more than eight decades ago, this company provides dependable devices for a vast array of gaging applications.

Company Profile: Boulder Imaging, Inc.

Specializing in machine vision and high-resolution digital video recorders, this company has developed technologies leading to inspections with 100-percent accuracy.

Company Profile: Penna Flame Industries

Embracing robotic technology—and involving local college students in designing the cells—this company is a resource for its customers and the surrounding community.

Company Profile: STD Precision Gear & Instrument, Inc.

From cutting gears in a cellar to sending them into space, this company is known for tackling the tough jobs, and doing it right the first time.

Company Profile: Banyan Global Technologies, LLC

With decades of combined experience in the gear manufacturing market, this company is taking a specialized approach to serving its customers.

Company Profile: Buffalo Gear, Inc.

Since 1962 this company has been a family affair, earning its reputation as a trusted supplier to its many loyal customers.

Company Profile: Gerhardt Gear Co.

With customers ranging from NASA--for which it built parts for the Mars rovers--to off-road vehicle enthusiasts, Gerhardt Gear truly is a different kind of gear company.

Company Profile: Kapp Technologies, Inc.

With more than 700 employees worldwide, the Kapp Group retains its position as a leader in the gear-manufacturing industry.

Company Profile: Perry Technology Corp.

Since its beginnings as a solution to a physicist's problem, this company has become a powerhouse in the production of high-precision gears.

Company Profile: Dragon Precision Tools Co., LTD.

As the world grows smaller each year, via the Internet and highly efficient delivery systems, acquiring quality products is no longer subject to geographical proximity.

Company Profile: St. Louis Gear Co., Inc.

With its roots in the country's efforts during WWII, St. Louis Gear has since established a reputation for excellent service and precision gears.

Company Profile: Standard Steel Specialty Co.

SSS has the history, the experience, the products, and the management team to meet any of the challenges they may encounter on the road to success.

Company Profile: Midwest Gear

With economic indicators pointing upward, Midwest Gear is poised to make the most of its newfound activity.

Company Profile: Bourn & Koch, Inc.

With capabilities ranging from designing unique machines to remanufacturing and retrofitting, Bourn & Koch continues its tradition as a true industry innovator.

Company Profile: Clarke Gear Co.

From humble beginnings, Clarke Gear has spent the past 50 years building its reputation—and its success—on a passion for manufacturing.

Company Profile: Raycar Gear & Machine Co.

Paying attention to details and growing in a methodical manner has allowed Dan Schwartz to break from the pack and emerge as an American success story.

Company Profile: B&R Machine and Gear Corp.

A family run operation in the truest sense, B&R Machine and Gear bases its success on the simplest of themes: honesty, delivery, customer service, and quality.

Company Profile: Kreiter Geartech

Just a few years away from celebrating its 100th anniversary, Kreiter Geartech continues to prosper as a world-class manufacturer of high-speed custom gearing.