Articles By Brian Dengel


Tooth Tips: Is it Strong Enough?

The selection of plastic as a material for gearing applications.

Tooth Tips: Under Pressure

Understand the choice of pressure angle in the design of spur or helical gearing.

Tooth Tips: Pitch-Perfect Gear Design

Understanding the how and why of choosing the right pitch can make all the difference in the successful design of high-quality gears.

Tooth Tips: The Zen of Gear Design

Exploring the ‘hows and whys’ of choosing the proper center distance for your gearing requirements.

Tooth Tips: Making the best selection

There are different types of gears to choose from depending on the orientation of the application.

Tooth Tips: What Are You Made Of?

Different materials make gears suitable for the desired application.
The key involves identifying the right recipe.

Tooth Tips: Cones are not just for ice cream

There are many distinct styles of bevel gearing, but one thing they have in common is that each operates as a rolling cone.