Articles By Dr. Donald R. Houser


Gear Mesh Misalignment

In this feature the subject is defined, corrected, and analyzed for stresses and noise by the widely acknowledged experts at The Ohio State University.

Helix Angle and Root Stress

By measuring the helix angle, the author—and founder of the Ohio State University Gearlab—studied its effects on root stresses in helical gears.

An Experimental Evaluation of the Procedures of the ISO/TR 15144 Technical Report for the Prediction of Micropitting

Sample load distribution analyses and ISO predictions are presented for several experimental results from testing both FVA standard micropitting test gears and the AGMA tribology gears to calculate the safety factor for micropitting.

Numerical Thermal 3D Modeling of Plastic Gearing

In this exercise, a numerical thermal 3D model is used to predict the surface and body temperature of spur and helical plastic gears.