Articles By Rick Miller


Tooth Tips: Designing Quiet Gears

The gear design phase is the easiest, least costly, and most effective way to influence gear noise.

Tooth Tips: Requirements for Gear Design

The following steps help ensure a successful gearbox is designed and specified, and all of the customer’s desired attributes and design inputs are met.

Tooth Tips: Achieving Gear Design Success

When evaluating a new or existing spur gear design, there are important areas that should be evaluated.

Tooth Tips: Micropitting

Calculating EHL film thickness is one way that can help evaluate the relative risk of micropitting related to lubrication, which plays an important role.

Tooth Tips: Achieving Gearbox Design Excellence

Simplicity and engineering judgment help ensure successful gearbox designs.

Tooth Tips: Designing High Contact-Ratio Gears

While there are many ways to design high contact-ratio gears, the following explains one design method that could be used.

Tooth Tips: Non-Design Engineering Considerations

Design engineers should contemplate non-design engineering considerations while designing a gearbox or any other component.

Tooth Tips: A Brief Overview Of Splines

Splines must be properly sized and designed in order to ensure the proper torque capacity and operation.

Tooth Tips: Calculating the Weighted Average Load and Life for Bearings

When considering gearbox applications, conditions for data points vary and all must be considered.