Articles By Kenneth Carter


Company Profile: JM Performance Products

JM Performance Products has established itself as a model shop leader for manufacturing development and quality control of precision-turned parts.

Trend Talks: Cost Savings

A good company is always looking for ways to save itself money, but a great company looks for ways to pass those savings on to its customers.

Trend Talks: Industry Standards

It takes dozens of countries, hundreds of companies, and thousands of people to keep the world “standard.”

Trend Talks: Social Media Marketing for Gear Manufacturing

When gear manufacturing companies look at spreading the word about their products and services, they need to make sure social media isn’t left by the curb.

Tooling Profile: Radiac Abrasives

A history of excellence and experience spanning 100 years has made Radiac Abrasives the go-to manufacturer for conventional bonded and superabrasives.

Trend Talks: Virtual Reality

It’s no holodeck, but virtual reality in heavy industry is becoming a reality.

Company Profile: Heiko Machine Tools LLC

With a recent collaboration with a maker of cross wedge rolling machines, Heiko Machine Tools LLC is poised to offer its customers high-end equipment for the metal-forming industry.

Company Profile: Felsomat-USA

With a history of engineering ingenuity and manufacturing innovation, Felsomat has become a world leader in automated gear manufacturing.

Company Profile: Hainbuch America

Hainbuch America has met the challenges faced in gear production with innovative designs and products that have kept it on the cutting edge of the industry.

Machines Profile: Reishauer

Worldwide, Reishauer gear grinding machines play a major role in the manufacturing process of grinding gears used in automobiles, aircraft, and construction/agricultural machinery.

Services Profile: American Gear & Engineering

With a full-service gear machining facility and a variety of in-house capabilities, American Gear & Engineering strives to make sure customer satisfaction is its No.1 priority.

Tooling Profile: Third Wave Systems

Third Wave Systems is dedicated to providing validated, physics-based software solutions to help the machining industry achieve product and process improvements.

Company Profile: First Gear Engineering & Technology

First Gear Engineering & Technology continues its growth in gear manufacturing to many markets, including aerospace, medical, food, industrial fields, and contract gear inspection.

Company Profile: Bevel Gears (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Bevel Gears (India) Pvt. Ltd. has designed and manufactured bevel gears and bevel gearboxes for more than 40 years.

Company Profile: TRUMPF GmbH Co. KG

TRUMPF may have started as a machine tool company, but laser manufacturing has made it a shining industrial star.