Articles By Dr. Edward Rolinski


Hot Seat: Surface Engineering

Thermochemical surface engineering using plasma nitriding can improve the properties and performance of gears made of steels and titanium alloys.

Hot Seat: Modern Nitriding Techniques for Gear Applications

Among thermochemical methods, the processes of plasma nitriding and gas nitriding have progressed in the industry to increase gear performance.

Hot Seat: Surface Properties

The surface properties of gear steels can be improved by thermochemical and mechanical treatments.

Hot Seat: Deep Nitriding for Gear Applications and Their Partial Treatments

Plasma/ion nitriding meets demanding gear applications by offering increased load capacity of gears and increased fatigue strength of components as well as less complicated masking treatments.

Hot Seat: Distortion Engineering of Gears

Various thermal operations can be used to prevent distortion induced from any stage in the manufacturing process, whether it’s before or after heat treatment.

Hot Seat: Thermochemical Surface Technologies Applicable to Gears

Comparing wear resistance of nitrided and carburized cases formed on the same steel can help designers choose which method to use.