Articles By Molly J. Rogers


Company Profile: B&R Machine and Gear Corporation

For over 40 years, B&R Machine and Gear Corporation has been providing small-batch, high-precision gearing. It prides itself on offering personal customer service while leading the industry as a full-service gear manufacturing facility.

Company Profile: Blaser Swisslube Inc.

Blaser Swisslube has become a global technological leader with its production of high-end Swiss-quality coolants to improve tool life and productivity.

Company Profile: Koepfer America, LLC

As the North American factory sales and technical support organization for high-end European gear machine and tool manufacturers, Koepfer America offers a line of solutions for almost every stage of the gear manufacturing process combined with excellent customer service.

Company Profile: Wenzel America

Wenzel America is an innovative provider of customized metrology and styling solutions, built on a solid foundation of German precision engineering and strong partnerships as a family-owned company.

Company Profile: Rochester Gear Inc.

With new owners taking over the business in 2007 and implementing strategic changes such as new equipment investments and achieving ISO accreditation, Rochester Gear has the ability to meet customer needs for small- to medium-sized precision gears with shorter lead times...

Company Profile: Felsomat

As an innovative leader in production technology, Felsomat provides highly efficient and flexible systems for the transmission and engine manufacturing industries.

Company Profile: Affolter Technologies SA

Building upon its almost 100-year history of making small gears and pinions for Swiss watchmakers, today the company is manufacturing technologically advanced high-precision gear hobbing machines for micro-gear customers in a range of industries.

Company Profile: New England Gear

Celebrating 20 years in the business of remanufacturing late-model CNC Fellows gear shapers, New England Gear attributes its success to excellent customer relationships, a wealth of technical knowledge, and superior standards.

Case Study: Circle Gear and Machine Company and Pequea Machine Inc.

Two companies work together to bring the manufacturing process of gears and gear components back to the U.S. from overseas.

Company Profile: Bourn & Koch, Inc.

Bourn & Koch continues to combine the most well-known brand names in the history of industrial machining with customer-driven solutions and the industry’s latest technology.

Company Profile: Advanced Jiffy Machine Products Inc.

With a motto of “If you’re not looking ahead, you’re already behind” and a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation, Advanced Jiffy Machine Products is a custom gear manufacturer that’s continuously increasing its capacity and...

Tooling Profile: Riten Industries

As a leading manufacturer of high-precision live and dead centers and face drivers, Riten Industries has unmatched experience, engineering expertise, and customer service, with all of its products made in the U.S.

Company Profile: Penn Reels

A recognized best-in-class fishing reel product line, a dedicated pursuit of advanced gear technology, and an inspiring 80-year history has helped Penn Reels become a key player in the industry of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Company Profile: Horsburgh & Scott

With nearly 130 years of experience, Horsburgh & Scott has remained a strong gear manufacturer during many economic swings by focusing on high-quality materials, advanced engineering principles, and manufacturing to the highest standards. The company has...

Machines Profile: Gehring L.P.

As a leader in advanced honing technology with a 90-year-old history, Gehring meets current demands and future challenges through innovative solutions, excellent training opportunities, and a customer-care philosophy.

Company Profile: Syn-Tech Ltd.

As a highly technical specialty lubricants formulator and manufacturer, Syn-Tech Ltd. evaluates each application as a unique set of parameters for a correct lubricant match, earning the respect of many longtime customers.

Company Profile: Dynamic Megabytes Inc.

Dynamic Megabytes develops cost-efficient, results-oriented software packages with customized solutions to suit the needs of its customers in the gear manufacturing and automotive industries.

Company Profile: Redin Production Machine

From an innovative machine builder in the 1940s to a leader in deburring machines, Redin Production Machine looks toward continued opportunities to provide its customers with customized solutions.

Services Profile: Riley Gear Corporation

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Riley Gear Corporation partners with OEMs in a wide range of industries to provide custom gears, precision gears, high-speed gears, and gearboxes — building upon its design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.

Company Profile: Southern Gear & Machine, Inc.

Specializing in gears and gearbox assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries, Southern Gear is celebrating 60 years of success attributed to customer and employee retention, as well as having the latest equipment, processes, and training for improved efficiency.

Company Profile: ASI Drives Inc.

ASI continues to expand its testing, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities through cost-effective design and manufacturing of increasingly sophisticated electromechanical systems for its expanding customer base in the medical mobility, material handling, and floor-care...