Articles By Dwight Smith


The Case for a Common Standard

Every company creates its own environment, but when that hinders productivity, everybody loses. Read on for a convincing argument on embracing a common standard.

The Benefits of Bio-Based Lubricants

Bio-based cutting oils improve tool performance, reduce environmental impact, and are safe and convenient for use in a wide variety of manufacturing applications.

Meeting the Challenges of Measuring Large Parts

Manufacturers of large gear inspection equipment have to meet a number of new challenges with respect to physical size, moving masses, and thermal effects.

The Convergence of Gear Metrology and 3-D Measuring Technology: The Slow Evolution

While there has been a gradual convergence of generative gear metrology and 3-D or CMM type measurements, significant differences remain. This article explores the historical perspective and outlines the current technology.

An Update on Broaching Technology

Advances in both broach tools and broach machines have progressed the state of the art in broaching.

Cutting Tool Innovation - From Dry Hobbing to Super Skiving

MHI’s Machine Tool division has a long history of innovation due to the expertise and dedication of its cutting tool engineering department.