Articles By Donald R. Houser, Ph.D.


Profile Relief and Noise Excitation in Helical Gears

The microgeometry of mated teeth is at the core of excess noise in helical gears. Here are the latest findings from The Ohio State University's Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory.

Determining the Source of Gear Whine Noise

Relating gear pairs to manufacturing errors may lead to better designs for mated gears.

Microgeometry and Bias in Helical Gear Noise Excitations

While excitation usually originates within the gear mesh, it then radiates throughout the mechanism and is amplified by the housing. Understanding this will lead to better design.

An Experimental and Analytical Comparison of the Noise Generated by Gears of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) and Steel Materials

The following technical paper makes an experimental and analytical comparison of the noise generated by gears of austempered ductile iron and steel materials.