Company Profile: Custom Gear & Machine, Inc.

By: Tim Byrd

The Illinois-based Custom Gear's manufacturing process was designed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality, and their focus is simple: Making high-class...

Company Profile: Comco Inc.

By: Sherri Mabry

Fast-growing California-based Comco is developing new processes for precision performance.

Electric Furnaces Complement Heat Treat...

By: Bob Edwards & Vic Strauss

Gear manufacturers find that furnaces heated by electric elements routinely harden, anneal and stress relieve gears, while reducing thermal processing costs.

The Surgeon and the Gear Maker

By: Robin Yale Bergstrom

The very best surgeons perform the most difficult procedures—those requiring extreme skill, precision, deftness and experience. The same is true of the very best gear...

New Cutter Heads Increase Tool Life

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

Highly productive cutter heads with new clamp blocks allow movement of the blades axially for higher productivity and enhanced production stability.

Calculating Inverse of Involute Angle in...

By: Aditya P. Khemka

Gear calculations can be determined using Excel Circular Referencing, but users should know how to form correct equations and the limits of input for the equation yield to...

Epicyclic Load Sharing Map-Application As a...

By: Avinash Singh, Ph.D.

In this paper, the concept of an Epicyclic Load Sharing Map (ELSM) will be explained. The ELSM is a physics-based tool that is derived from a physical explanation of the...

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

A Gage R&R study is used to quantify the inherent variation of all components compromising the measurement system selected for a task.

Company Profile: Willman Industries, Inc.

By: Sherri Mabry

Specializing in no bake, green sand, and grey iron ductile castings. Willman Industries Inc., is a full-service jobbing foundry that offers design, patternmaking,...

Understanding and Preventing Surface Distress

By: G.E. Morales-Espejel, V. Brizmer & K. Stadler

Surface distress in industrial applications is a phenomenon associated with poor lubrication and other mechanical aspects that generate high local friction and stress.

Gear Lubrication - Stopping Micropitting by Using...

By: Michael Hochmann & Hermann Siebert

Different high-performance gear oils were examined on an FZG back-to-back gear test rig to determine if changeover to these high-performance gear oils could stop micropitting...

Big Gear Inspection is Booming

A recent expansion and investment in a precision gear inspection system is helping this Wisconsin company meet customer needs for high quality, fast delivery, and quality control.

Company Profile: Buffalo Gear, Inc.

By: Russ Willcutt

Since 1962 this company has been a family affair, earning its reputation as a trusted supplier to its many loyal customers.

Continuous Generating Gear Grinding

By: Prof. Dr. Fritz Klocke, Dr. Markus Brumm & Jan Reimann

A report on new possibilities in the process design and analysis of continuous generating gear grinding.

The Case for Grinding Perfection

By: Christine Isenmann

QUICKPOINT grinding machines from JUNKER allow end users to streamline production and increase productivity.

Applications for Self-Locking Gears

By: Alexander Kapelevich & Dr. Elias Taye

Self-locking gears prevent backdriving and inertial driving, and they may find applications in a wide variety of industries.

Company Profile: Penna Flame Industries

By: Russ Willcutt

Embracing robotic technology—and involving local college students in designing the cells—this company is a resource for its customers and the surrounding...

A New Material for High-Speed Hobbing

By: Thomas Falk

The SpeedCore material for cutting tools developed by LMT Fette provides longer service life and increased production capacities.

High Performance Gear Milling

By: Christer Richt

As demands for quality and efficiency increase, Sandvik Coromant responds with new designs, materials, and tooling for enhanced gear milling productivity.

Company Profile: Boulder Imaging, Inc.

By: Russ Willcutt

Specializing in machine vision and high-resolution digital video recorders, this company has developed technologies leading to inspections with 100-percent accuracy.

Protecting Massive Gears

By: Peter Szarafinski

A longtime industry leader in producing oils and additives to protect gears in automotive transmissions, LIQUI MOLY rises to the challenge of industrial applications as...

Extending Broach Tool Life

By: Ken Nemec

Want to double the life of your broaching tools? In this article the "Broachman" encourages you to consider CNC re-sharpening to drastically increase the return on...

Bevel Gear Cutting Blade Measurement

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The Gleason GBX is a highly accurate CNC-controlled metrology device that is an integral unit with the blade mathematical software (GEMS) and control software.

Company Profile: Comtorgage Corp.

By: Russ Willcutt

Based on a rock-solid design created more than eight decades ago, this company provides dependable devices for a vast array of gaging applications.

Helix Angle and Root Stress

By: Dr. Donald R. Houser

By measuring the helix angle, the author—and founder of the Ohio State University Gearlab—studied its effects on root stresses in helical gears.

Cryogenics Comes of Age

By: Mike Pate

Conducted properly, and by a knowledgeable professional, cryogenic processing alters material characteristics to increase strength, life, and reliability.

Convoloid Gearing Technology

By: Bernard E. Berlinger, Jr. & John R. Colbourne, Ph.D.

Convoloid gear system designs reduce the size and weight of a wide variety of gear drives compared to their involute counterparts, leading to significant economic gains.

Company Profile: Metlab

By: Russ Willcutt

In terms of both knowledge and capabilities, this company is known for doing whatever it takes to find solutions to its customer's most-complex problems.

Processing New Gear Steels

QuesTek Innovations and Solar Atmospheres explain the manufacturing and processing of a new class of vacuum-carburized gear steels with very high hardenability.

Eliminating Gear Whine

By: Dr. Michael F. Platten & Melanie Fitton-Hayward

Advanced simulation techniques from Romax Technology eliminate gear whine problems in automatic transmissions.

Gearing Up for Efficiency

By: Miriam Metcalfe

Power losses and inertia matching affect the efficiency of linear drives, slowing motion and increasing unnecessary wear. Wittenstein provides an in-depth examination.