A Solution for Gear Bore Accuracy

By: Phil Hanna

A new generation of machines from Sunnen has become the "ten millionths" solution for bore accuracy, providing OEMs with increased product performance.

Molded Plastic Gear Design

Basic differences between plastics and metals have important implications for gear and transmission designers. Ticona understands these differences, and discusses them...

A New Angle on Cutting Bevel Gears

By: Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

With manufacturing processes in a constant state of evolution, the following technical paper describes a novel concept involving the enveloping cutting of straight bevel...

Company Profile: Kleiss Gears, Inc.

With an approach that's equal parts curiosity, expertise, and the willingness to outwork the competition, this company has become a leading source for polymer gearing.

Company Profile: Emerson Bearing Co.

More than a supplier of ball and roller bearings, this company provides its customers with invaluable resources for overcoming their manufacturing challenges.

Powder Metal Gear Conversion

By: Chris Gaulin

In recent years powder metal and process technologies have progressed so that high-strength gear applications have become achievable. Capstan Atlantic explains.

A Seal of Approval for Gearboxes

By: Colin Roberts

SKF's new rubber outside diameter radial shaft seals increase worm gear efficiency while also reducing temperature. Here's how one customer is benefiting.

Improvements in Precision Turning

By: Christer Richt

Precision machining of drivetrain components such as gear and blank faces is more efficient than ever before, requiring improved cutting tools from Sandvik Coromant.

Continuous Generation Grinding

By: Dennis Richmond

Precision gear manufacturers searching for a grinding machine that's fast, accurate, and reliable need to know about the RZ 260 from Reishauer.

CONIFACE Face Gear Cutting and Grinding

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The new CONIFACE process, based on standard cutting tools and standard bevel gear machines, results in short cutting times comparable to straight CONIFLEX bevel gears.

Company Profile: Delta Gear, Inc.

By: Russ Willcutt

Recent streamlining, capital investments, and expanded capabilities have this company poised for continued success.

Running Gear Drive Repairs

By: Wolfgang Gerhold

Not long ago, the only way to make repairs to large girth gear drives involved costly mechanical procedures and the dreaded downtime. Klüber
has a better...

Precision Electrolytic Machining

By: Donald G. Risko

PEM Technologies presents precision electrolytic machining, a stress-free process that removes metal from the surface atom by atom.

CONIFLEX Plus Straight Bevel Gear Manufacturing

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

In the past, manufacturing straight bevel gears was only possible on dedicated machines, which is no longer the case thanks to a revolutionary new process. Gleason...

Analyzing Bearing Failure

By: Steven Katz

No one wants to experience bearing failure, but close study of all the factors involved will allow you to help avoid the associated costs and downtime in the future.

Insights Into Ultrasonic Cleaning

By: Ed Sullivan

As is the case with any manufacturing process, choosing the right ultrasonic cleaning method can mean the difference between wasting time and making money.

Heat Treat Processes for Gears

By: Nicholas Bugliarello, Biji George, Don Giessel, Dan McCurdy, Ron Perkins, Steve Richardson & Craig Zimmerman

Different heat treating processes' as well as the materials being treated, impart particular qualities in your gears. Allow Bodycote to provide a deeper understanding of...

Company Profile: North American Machine &...

By: Russ Willcutt

If you're interested in lowering the cost of your capital investments while increasing productivity, look into this company's line of full-service machining...

Optimizing Operating Efficiency

By: Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Müller

Coatings, surface finishes, lubrication, geometry, all these factors and more affect the efficiency of a gear drive system. Klingelnberg provides a list of points to...

Single-Source Support Streamlining

By: Ron Hoffman

The following article by MAG outlines how you can reduce the total cost of machine tool ownership by utilizing single-source support services.

Company Profile: Carl Zeiss IMT

By: Russ Willcutt

Whether you're producing tiny gears for medical applications or huge yaw rings for wind, this company supports your quest for quality.

Grinding Large Module Gears

By: Sascha Ungewiss & Bill Miller

An ever-increasing range of grinding applications from Kapp/Niles are geared toward achieving lower noise, longer service life, and improved performance.

New Opportunities with Open Die Forging

By: Sharon Haverstock

In their never-ending search for ways to increase production efficiency and develop new capabilities, gear manufacturers should take a look at this time-proven process.

The Benefits of Bio-Based Lubricants

By: Dwight Smith & Bob Frazier

Bio-based cutting oils improve tool performance, reduce environmental impact, and are safe and convenient for use in a wide variety of manufacturing applications.

Company Profile: Alpha Workholding Solutions

By: Russ Willcutt

Once you're aware of the many benefits of permanent electromagnet workholding and lifting devices you'll wonder why it's done any other way. Allow the experts to...

A New Edge On Gear Milling

By: Christer Richt

New insert manufacturing techniques from Sandvik Coromant play a critical role in elevating production results for an increasingly demanding marketplace.

A Study in Asymmetric Plastic Spur Gears

By: J.L. Moya, A.S. Machado, J.A. Velásquez, R. Goytisolo, A.E. Hernández, J.E. Fernández & J.M. Sierra

This paper presents a theoretical analysis of a procedure to determine the Lewis Factor, which can play a major role in the fracture of asymmetric plastic gear teeth.

Fixturing and Workpiece Articulation

By: Alvin Goellner

One way to survive—and even thrive—during an economic downturn is to help your customers increase their productivity. Here's how AME achieves that goal.

Synthetic Gear Lubricants Go Green

By: Jason T. Galary

In addition to being environmentally friendly, synthetic lubricants impart many beneficial qualities to the gears and components they coat and protect.

Small Package, Big Broaching Results

By: Ken Nemec

American Broach & Machine introduces a new tabletop design, combining the best established broaching principles in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective package.

Black Oxide Finishing for Gears

By: Mark Ruhland

An automated in-house black oxide process line allows the manufacturer to finish machined gear components and ship them out the same day. Here's how.

Company Profile: The Woodworth Group

By: Russ Willcutt

Whatever market you serve, you can count on this company to go the extra mile to make sure your gears and components are heat-treated properly and made of the right stuff.

Troubleshooting Wind Gearbox Problems

By: Jarek Rosinski & David Smurthwaite

In order to prevent in-service failures in wind turbine gearboxes, an in-depth understanding of how and why they occur is required.

Designing a Bulletproof Manual Transmission

By: Roy L. Wireman

Having a hard time finding a transmission that can withstand your aggressive driving techniques? One answer is to design and build your own. Here's a man who did just...

BIG GEARS Better Inspection

By: Michael Hayes

Gleason's new analytical gear inspection system helps Schafer Gear Works meet its big gear production challenges, opening the door to more opportunities.

Cutting Out the Whining

By: Barry James

You�re sure to enjoy this insider�s account of the development of Romax Technology�s NVH breakthrough and benefits.

Gas Carburizing vs. Contour Induction Hardening...

By: Kelly T. Jones P.E., Michael R. Newsome & Matthew D. Carter, P.E.

The following Boeing study compares distortion of AGMA quality class 10 bevel gears made of 9310 steel that have been gas carburized to those that have been contour induction...

Best-Practice Gearbox Lubrication

By: Angus Macdonald

In this article Lubrication Engineers shares the results of its R&D efforts and their knowledge of how to improve gearbox reliability, resulting in significant savings and...