Company Profile: Roto-Flo

Responsible for developing the cold form rolling process, this company has updated and revamped the equipment's design, outfitting it with all the latest CNC...

The Next Frontier in Gear Testing

By: Douglas Felsenthal

Kleiss Gears has been at the forefront of R&D efforts improving the attributes of polymer gearing, including testing methods to insure tight tolerances and maximum repeatability.

Predicting Hypoidcontact Conditions

By: Barry James, Mike Douglas & David Palmer, Ph.D

In this article experts from Romax Technology outline a numerical simulation method that allows for the prediction of standard misalignment parameters in hypoid gear sets.

The Power of Pulsed Plasma

By: David Pye

An experienced metallurgist makes the case for a finishing process that is clean, controllable, precise, and reduces the risk of distortion and surface growth.

Company Profile: Romax Technology

Learn about the developer of some of the most advanced design software packages available, as well as its efforts to spread knowledge within the industries it serves.

Company Profile: The Flaming Treating &...

This family-run business sets itself apart by focusing on the best methods for producing premium, custom-hardened parts for customers who've come to depend on its...

Powder Metal for Precision and Performance

By: Dave Burton

The P/M process provides quality and repeatability for gearing manufactured for a wide variety of applications. This article provides insights into how, when, and why it works.

The Flexibility of Spindle Finishing

By: Larry E. Beavens

For precise, controlled deburring and surface improvements when finishing gears and other metal parts, consider the process developed—and described here—by...


Epicyclic Gearing: A Handbook

By: Jim Marsch & Amy Flanagan

For design engineers who are just beginning their careers—and even old pros who could use a refresher course—the following article takes a basic approach to...

The Principles of Workholding: Part I

By: Tim Peterson CMfgT & Juergen Kempf

This article is the first in a multi-part series on workholding presented by Toolink Engineering and König-mtm, with this installment devoted to the fundamentals of...


An Advanced Approach to Optimal Gear Design

By: Dr. Veniamin I. Goldfarb & Dr. Alexander A. Tkachev

Take two proven design approaches—Direct Gear Design and the Method of Dynamic Blocking Contours' combine their best attributes, and the result is Advanced Gear...

Battling Gear Infant Mortality

By: Jeffrey P. McGuckin

Sometimes a seasoned gear manufacturing machine is the most dependable, but close monitoring is required to keep it running at the peak of its productivity.

Improvements in Dimensional Control of Heat...

By: Daniel H. Herring & Frederick J. Otto

The following study involves applying low pressure vacuum carburizing technology utilizing either oil or high pressure gas quenching in order to eliminate distortion.

Heat Treatment Simulation Can Help Avoid Process...

By: Dr. Frederic Boitout, Dr. Damian Dry, Yogendra Gooroochurn, Philippe Mourgue & Harald Porzner

The success or failure of heat treatment affects manufacturing costs, but it also determines product quality and reliability. Heat treatment must be taken into account during...

A Cool Approach to Optimized Bearing Performance

By: John Rhodes & Jim Madsen

In this article Timken provides you with solid advice on how to choose the right bearing for your particular application, and how the design can help avoid unwanted heat...

Wear Mechanisms of HSS Cutting Tools

By: Sture Hogmark & Mikael Olsson

The following article provides an overview of the wear mechanisms of high-speed steel cutting tools, both coated and uncoated.

Scuffing Resistance of Isotropic Superfinished...

By: Bruce D. Hansen, Paul W. Niskanen & Lane Winkelmann

Sikorsky Aircraft, REM Chemicals, Alion Science and Technology, and others join forces to evaluate how the ISF process alleviates this failure mode in aerospace gears.

Static and Fatigue Calculations of Wind Turbine...

By: Dipl. Ing. ETH Hanspeter Dinner

Design knowledge must be utilized and cultivated in all aspects of gear manufacturing, and this conclusion to a two-part series describes useful tools and techniques.

Next Generation Gear Grinding

By: Dennis Richmond

Reishauer's continuous generating gear grinder, the RZ 1000, provides greater accuracy, faster setups and changeovers, and onboard inspection capabilities.

Static and Fatigue Calculations of Wind Turbine...

By: Dan Kondritz & Dipl. Ing. ETH Hanspeter Dinner

Design knowledge must be utilized and cultivated in all aspects of gear manufacturing, and this first installment in a two-part series describes useful tools and techniques.

Supplier Relationships Speed Gearbox Delivery

By: Bob Giuliano

Stober Drives' three-day turnaround on its gearboxes meets customers' need for speed, made possible–in part–by a close relationship with bearing supplier...

Stress in Diamond-Coated Cutting Tools

By: Jianwen Hu, Raymond G. Thompson & Kevin Chou

Diamond coatings make cutting tools more effective, but only if the layer remains intact. Read on to learn about how machining stress can lead to delamination, and failure.

Company Profile: Chamfermatic, Inc.

Ease of use, sturdy construction, reasonable cost, and a host of excellent standard features are just a few of the attributes this company’s deburring machines provide.

Measuring Excellence in Polymer Gearing

By: Douglas Felsenthal

While the art may be found in the manufacturing of polymer gears, the science involves measurement, and Kleiss Gears is the expert in combining the two.

Reducing Gear Whine in Planetary Gear...

By: Shounak M. Athavale, Ph.D.

In an article penned by a technical specialist at the Ford Research Laboratory, two assembly techniques to reduce transmission error in planetary gear systems are examined.

Selecting the Right PFPE Lubricant

By: George Mock

Extreme environments call for extreme lubricating measures, and perfluoropolyethers, or PFPEs, provide the characteristics required for these—and other—demanding...


Company Profile: Canton Drop Forge

From producing buggy parts at the turn of the last century to aerospace and wind-power applications today, this company's growth reflects the evolution of U.S....

Microgeometry and Bias in Helical Gear Noise...

By: Donald R. Houser, Ph.D.

While excitation usually originates within the gear mesh, it then radiates throughout the mechanism and is amplified by the housing. Understanding this will lead to better design.

Company Profile: Larson Forgings

Now celebrating its 113th year in business, this fourth-generation, privately-held company is the culmination of a Swedish immigrant's American dream.

Low-Cycle Bending Fatigue of AISI 9310 Steel Spur...

By: Timothy L. Krantz, Dr. Robert F. Handschuh, Bradley A. Lerch & Christopher S. Burke

This investigation—by members of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, NASA's Glenn Research Center, and the QSS Group, Inc.—examines a raw material for steel spur...

Natural Frequencies & Modal Properties of...

By: Robert G. Parker, Ph.D.

All vibration modes can be classified into one of three types—rotational, translational, and planet modes. In this article the author provides a detailed...