The Methadology of Modified Crowning

By: Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Müller

An industry leader, Klingelnberg puts theory to the test in explaining the benefits of modified crowning in spur and bevel gears.

Tips for Tougher Molded Plastic Gears

By: Rod Kleiss

Plastics are quickly becoming a contender for some power gearing applications, and the lessons learned in development will apply to other engineering design challenges.

The ABCs of CBN Grinding

By: Anil Srivastava, Ph.D.

An understanding of factors such as bond type, grit size, and concentration will help you choose the proper CBN wheel for grinding sharper edges on your cutting tools.

The Electrolytic Edge for Fine Finishing

By: Donald G. Risko

Electrolytic machining is characterized by fast metal removal and the ability to focus on the edges or surfaces to be finished. Learn more about this fascinating process.

Case Study: Conicity Technologies

By: Brenda Hogan

Interested in increasing its cutting tool life, the Getrag Axle Plant has utilized Conicity Technologies' Engineered Micro-Geometry (EMG), resulting in major gains in productivity.

Grinding Gears for Automotive Excellence

By: Susanne Reinhardt

Kapp has a number of surprises in store for visitors to its IMTS booth in Chicago, including the KX300P Gear Center with ring loader automation.

Calculating Tooth Form Transmission Error

By: Markus Raabe & Dan Kondritz

Modifications to KISSsoft's gear design software has resulted in an incredibly versatile tool for eliminating the transmission errors responsible for unwanted...


Company Profile: Drake Manufacturing

From its earliest days this company has placed a premium on designing machines that are versatile, dependable, and backed by a commitment to service. The tradition continues.

Harnessing the Horsepower Thief

By: William P. Nebiolo

To achieve a reduction of parasitic friction in automotive gearbox and drive-train components, consider the benefits of the Isotropic Superfinish process.

A History of Excellence: IMTS

Take a moment in advance of this year's show to look back over the history and evolution of this prestigious manufacturing showcase.


Company Profile: Pyromaitre Inc.

Already known for its creativity and ability to overcome challenges, this company is quickly building a global reputation for its heat-transfer technologies.

High Performance Gears for Heavy Duty Transmissons

By: Ulf Engström, Linnéa Fordén, Sven Bengtsson & Magnus Bergström

Surface densification and warm compaction lead to greater density in PM gears, resulting in higher strength and improved fatigue properties.

Engineered Heat Treatment for Stronger Aerospace...

By: A.M. Freborg, B.L. Ferguson, Z. Li, D.X. Schwam & B.J. Smith

An ongoing project sponsored by the U.S. Army and headed by Deformation Control Technology, Inc., is providing important insights into an innovative quenching process.

Advances in Single-Pass Bore Finishing

By: Robert Marvin

Knowledge of the proper production processes for your operation can lead to major per-piece cost savings, making you more competitive when quoting new projects.

Company Profile: KISSsoft AG

With an outstanding team of technicians, and a singular software design system, this company is poised to penetrate the global market.

Defeating Tooth Flank Deformation

By: John Amendola, Sr.

Torque can take the shine off of your careful design, resulting in unwanted distortion. Certain modifications can be made to avoid such an outcome.

Steeling Savings with P/M Materials

By: Suresh Shah, Jerry Falleur, Ulf Engström & David Milligan

Cr-Mo powder-metal steels can be a cost-effective replacement for traditional Ni-Mo P/M steels. Here's the lowdown on the strengths of this impressive material.

Proven Processes for Improving Parts

By: Don Ortmann

The Iosso-FE and ZN coating processes lend themselves to a wide variety of parts, with gears being chief among them, leading to long life and economic benefits.

Forging Foundations

By: The Forging Industry Association

The more you know about processes related to gear manufacturing, the more sound your decisions will be. The following is presented thanks to the Forging Industry...

The Methodology of Metallurgy

By: Wayne Reitz, Ph.D., PE,

As provided by a metallurgical consultant, an understanding of the makeup and characteristics of the materials you work with can improve your bottom line.

The Pressure's On for Decreased Distortion

By: Gerald D. Lindell

The goal is to do it well, and do it once, so it's both disheartening and expensive to discover a flawed product. That's why you should know about the benefits of...

Holding the Line

By: David A. Stokely

Whatever your product line, there is a work holding device to fit your particular application. Here's a guided tour by a recognized authority.

A Revolution in Hobbing Technologies

By: Darryl Witte

Known for its commitment to innovative technologies, LMT-Fette, Inc., announces enhancements to its products, services, and physical footprint in the United States.

Calculating the Inverse of an Involute

In many variations on a central theme, the involute tooth form is used in a vast array of product designs. Read on for a discussion of two useful functions.

Cylindrical Gear Conversions: AGMA to ISO

By: Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez Rey, R. José Garcia Martin & P. Frechilla Fernández

The following is an in-depth examination of the conversion of cylindrical gears in the AGMA system to ISO standards with the addendum modification coefficient.

Motion: Impossible--Without the Right Lube

By: Dennis Woodley

Water is everywhere in the manufacturing--and operating--environment, and minuscule amounts can foul gearbox action. Choosing the right lubricant can minimize downtime.

A New Trend in Broaching Technology

By: Ken Nemec

An increase from around 2,500 to 7,500 parts between tool sharpenings is just one of the improvements provided by an innovative new design for broaching machines.

The Case for a Common Standard

By: Dwight Smith

Every company creates its own environment, but when that hinders productivity, everybody loses. Read on for a convincing argument on embracing a common standard.

Hard Choices: Diamond or CBN?

By: Pavel Brazda Dpl. Ing.

A careful examination of the inherent properties of diamond and CBN will allow you to choose the best superabrasive for your particular grinding application.

Guarding Against Gearing Deviations

By: Dennis Gimpert

Learn about the new AGMA Gear Inspection Standard 2015-1-A01, with additions addressing profile and lead inspections including total, form, and slope deviations.

Case Study: Hard Finishing at Nixon Gear

By: Sam Haines

Well-known for its hard finishing capabilities, Nixon Gear--a member company of Gear Motions--outlines its evolution toward earning a reputation for excellence.

Pure Powder, Pure Power!

By: Lars Taflin

ASP steels--now produced by the newly developed DVALIN process--from Erasteel help users manufacture efficient, long-lasting, precision machine tools.


By: Russell Beach

This series is intended to provide design engineers working on right angle geared applications with the knowledge necessary to further their work in-house with minimal input from...