Company Profile: Mohawk Machinery, Inc.

For half a century this company has been buying and selling all manner of gear-manufacturing equipment, building strong and lasting relationships along the way.

Reverse Engineering the Right Way

By: Jim Marsch

It's an old machine, but it still works... until that crucial piece breaks down and the original drawings have been lost. Here's how to overcome that obstacle.

Coming Clean on Washing Technologies

By: Frank Pedeflous

As the gearing industry moves away from solvents, new technologies get parts cleaner, improving product quality and production efficiency.

Company Profile: Repair Parts, Inc.

A vast selection of reconditioned machines, and decades of gear-manufacturing experience, allows RPI to provide turnkey packages for start-up operations.

A New Standard in Gear Inspection

By: Dennis Gimpert

AGMA's new 2015 gear inspection standard is quite different from its predecessor. Read on to learn about the changes, including tips on their easy implementation.

The Straight Track on Gear Racks

By: Bill Haag, Sr.

To learn about gear racks, Moore Gear & Manufacturing may well be one of the best sources. Here's their take on the current state of the gear-rack art.

Allaying Failure with Nitrogen Alloy Bearings

By: Andreas Kopf, Dipl.-Ing

Better wear reduction and corrosion resistance are just a few of the benefits of using miniature and small-size ball bearings made of new nitrogen alloy steels.

Company Profile: Transmecanica, S.A.

Over the past 32 years this company has established a solid reputation, which is now enhanced by its new U.S. branch office—TSA America, LLC.

Case Study: KAPP Technologies

By: Tom Lang

New orders meant that fulton precision need a better machine, and it chose the niles ZE 400 for its quality, versatility, and speed in producing parts. Here are the...

Motor City Magic

The results of a half-billion dollar renovation project will be readily apparent to those attending GEAR EXPO in Detroit next month. Read on to get a sense of what's in store.

The Fundamentals of Honing Filtration

By: Christopher J. Erato

Clean fluids lead to longer tool and equipment life. Learning about filter media and methods will help to bolster your bottom line.

Making a Case for PVD Recoating Systems

By: Melissa Kilpatrick, William D. Whiteis & Bob Carrignan

The following is a case study conducted and prepared by Muncie Power Products, Inc., and Ionbond LLC explaining how recoating can benefit your production process.

Forging Ahead for Gear Applications

By: Ken Mathas

With the quality and cost savings provided by forged gears, designers should consider the process, no matter the volume or application of the part being produced.

The Sensitive Side of Computer-Aided Design

By: Ranga Narayanaswami, Ph.D.

Based on design intent, context-sensitive CAD assistance utilizes in-process parameters that lead to better results--no matter the type of gear being produced.

New Powder Applications

By: Richard Slattery

High-performance alloys, precisely controlled processes, and state of the art engineering methods have led to significant growth in the P/M industry.

Special Section: Keyseating

In the market for keyseating equipment? With many years of experience—and new innovations available—these are the companies to call.

Company Profile: CST-Cinti

Whether you're in Dallas or Dublin, there's a source in Cincinnati that can provide you with excellent gears, and the expertise to back them up.

An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection

By: Dennis Gimpert

In addition to checking part size and quality, gear inspection provides insights into the manufacturing process itself, insuring that your own procedures are properly controlled.

Company Profile: Moore-Addison

A musician by training, and at heart, the president of this company is equally drawn to the beauty and precision of a well-made plastic part.

Successful Plastic Gear Conversions

By: Richard R. Kuhr

Are you thinking of converting, but still sitting on the fence between metal and plastic gearing? The following article may prove to be the tipping point toward plastics.

Rapid Stress Relief and Tempering

By: Mario Grenier, Roger Gingras & G.E. Totten

New equipment designs for stress relief and tempering processes can help you lower costs and achieve greater productivity.

Company Profile: Process Equipment Co.

From automation systems, to high-speed pulse welding, to fabricating and gear metrology, Process Equipment helps its customers surpass their manufacturing goals.

It's All on the Surface

By: Brett Watkins

New materials and technologies are changing the process of surface finishing, leading to improved performance, less gear noise, and enhanced part life.

The Brilliance of Broaching

By: Mark Vian

To learn about broaching, who better to turn to than The Broach Masters? Read on to revisit the important attributes of this well-known process.

Company Profile: The Gear Works

With a reputation built on 60 years of success stories, The Gear Works continues to grow with the introduction of its well-equipped new Gearbox Repair and Test Facility.

The Whirling Process for Internal Threads

By: Ralph Wehmann

With the advent of "internal whirling," Leistritz has introduced an innovative new way to machine internal threads, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality.

A New Tool Steel for Hot Forming Gears

By: Ed Tarney

The need for a high hardness, wear resistant die steel for hot forming has gone largely unanswered--until now, with the advent of CPM 1V.

Profile Relief and Noise Excitation in Helical...

By: Donald R. Houser, Ph.D. & Jonny Harianto

The microgeometry of mated teeth is at the core of excess noise in helical gears. Here are the latest findings from The Ohio State University's Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise...

Company Profile: Canada Broach

Celebrating its 10th year, Canada Broach has grown from a one-man operation with a single grinder to one with 45 machines and 9,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Getting a Grip on Diaphragm Chucks

By: Sidney Roth

Consistency, efficiency, accuracy: all words that apply to the diaphragm chuck, as well as the benefits you will realize should you introduce them into your manufacturing process.

TWIN Blade--A Cut Above the Rest

By: Karl-Martin Ribbeck Dipl.-Ing. & Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Müller

In the search for optimizing cutting performance, not only do improvements in the surface coating have to be considered, but also the use of the existing cutting edges.

Company Profile: Gear Manufactuing, Inc.

By: Gary Smith

A classic entrepreneurial success story, GMI has experienced substantial growth nearly every year it's been in business, and it's just broken another record in...

Deburring, Defined

By: Mike Magee

The DEBURRING process allows parts to perform as they were designed to, eliminating unwanted elements that hinder their productivity.

Inside Splines

By: Dan Seger

Any device that transfers rotary motion from one point to another probably relies on a spline, so it's a good bet that we use them on a near-daily basis. Read on to learn more...