Company Profile: Boulder Imaging, Inc.

By: Russ Willcutt

Specializing in machine vision and high-resolution digital video recorders, this company has developed technologies leading to inspections with 100-percent accuracy.

Protecting Massive Gears

By: Peter Szarafinski

A longtime industry leader in producing oils and additives to protect gears in automotive transmissions, LIQUI MOLY rises to the challenge of industrial applications as...

Extending Broach Tool Life

By: Ken Nemec

Want to double the life of your broaching tools? In this article the "Broachman" encourages you to consider CNC re-sharpening to drastically increase the return on...

Bevel Gear Cutting Blade Measurement

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The Gleason GBX is a highly accurate CNC-controlled metrology device that is an integral unit with the blade mathematical software (GEMS) and control software.

Company Profile: Comtorgage Corp.

By: Russ Willcutt

Based on a rock-solid design created more than eight decades ago, this company provides dependable devices for a vast array of gaging applications.

Helix Angle and Root Stress

By: Dr. Donald R. Houser

By measuring the helix angle, the author—and founder of the Ohio State University Gearlab—studied its effects on root stresses in helical gears.

Cryogenics Comes of Age

By: Mike Pate

Conducted properly, and by a knowledgeable professional, cryogenic processing alters material characteristics to increase strength, life, and reliability.

Convoloid Gearing Technology

By: Bernard E. Berlinger, Jr. & John R. Colbourne, Ph.D.

Convoloid gear system designs reduce the size and weight of a wide variety of gear drives compared to their involute counterparts, leading to significant economic gains.

Company Profile: Metlab

By: Russ Willcutt

In terms of both knowledge and capabilities, this company is known for doing whatever it takes to find solutions to its customer's most-complex problems.

Processing New Gear Steels

QuesTek Innovations and Solar Atmospheres explain the manufacturing and processing of a new class of vacuum-carburized gear steels with very high hardenability.

Eliminating Gear Whine

By: Dr. Michael F. Platten & Melanie Fitton-Hayward

Advanced simulation techniques from Romax Technology eliminate gear whine problems in automatic transmissions.

Gearing Up for Efficiency

By: Miriam Metcalfe

Power losses and inertia matching affect the efficiency of linear drives, slowing motion and increasing unnecessary wear. Wittenstein provides an in-depth examination.

Company Profile: Artec Machine

By: Russ Willcutt

Whether you're in the market for drive system design assistance or skilled maintenance and training services, this company has solutions to the challenges you face.

Advances in Molded Polymer Gears

By: Rod Kleiss

Plastic gears can provide a high-torque, high-speed, cost-effective solution for a host of demanding applications, according to the experts at Kleiss Gears.

Cyclocut Bevel Gear Production

By: Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The following technical paper from Gleason describes the Cyclocut process for advanced cutting, skiving, and semi-completing of bevel gears in low quantities.

Gripping Systems for Increased Versatility

By: Jesse Hayes

Comparatively simple grippers are used in an increasing number of applications where various part sizes have to be handled quickly and processed reliably. SCHUNK explains.

Company Profile: Schunk USA

By: Russ Willcutt

With a history of innovation going back nearly seven decades, this company continues to create leading-edge toolholding and workholding devices.

Company Profile: Ipsen, Inc

A global entity, this company's U.S. operations are playing an important role in the rebirth of American manufacturing, leading the way in thermal processing...

Controlling the Process

By: John Meyer

Using Siemens' CNC technology on advanced machine tools helps Forest City Gear remain an industry leader worldwide.

Company Profile: Hexagon Metrology

By: Russ Willcutt

With a vast portfolio of coordinate measuring brands and machines, this company can meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Special Report: New England Gear

For remanufactured Fellows gear shapers—including CNC controls, user-friendly software, and custom accessories—call the man with hands-on experience.

A New Paradigm in Gear Hobbing

By: Guenter Wermeister

A new tooling concept from Sandvik Coromant lowers machining times and costs for hobbing gears, maximizing quality and increasing efficiency.

Company Profile: Ingersoll Cutting Tools

This company has been designing custom metal cutting products for more than a century, and it offers an extensive lineup of cutting tools for machining gears.

Contour Hardening Bevel, Hypoid, and Pinion Gears

By: Semyon Brayman, Anatloy Kuznetsov, Sergey Nikitin, Bob Binoniemi & Dr. Valery Rudnev, FASM

TSH technology is an advanced induction hardening process that was specifically developed to reduce overall cost and to replace thermo-chemical heat treating processes.

Designing Asymmetric Gears

By: Dr. A. L. Kapelevich

Harnessing Direct Gear Design for asymmetric gears results in low weight-to-output torque ratio and reduced levels of noise and vibration.

Magnetic Filtration Technology

By: Roger Simonson

The lubricants used to protect gearboxes, especially in high-demand industries such as wind, can become filled with ferrous particulates. The answer? Magnetic filtration.

Company Profile: Kennametal, Inc.

A focus on gear manufacturing has resulted in a line of gashers, hobs, and end mills that will help this company's customers meet their production goals.

Putting Teeth into Gear Inspection

By: Belinda Jones

Today's measurement technology from Hexagon Metrology is up to the task of inspecting the complex forms of a wide variety of gears and related components.

Designing Powder Metal Gears

By: Anders Flodin, Christian Brecher, Dipl.-Ing. , Christof Gorgels, Dipl.-Ing. , Dipl.-Wirt.Ing Tobias Rothlingshofer & Dipl.-Ing. Jannik Henser

In this article Hoganas demonstrates some design aspects that can—and need to—be considered when working with powder metal gears.

A Portable Chamfering Powerhouse

By: Jay Adams

The Gear Chamfering Robot from Banyan Global Technologies is flexible enough to fit a broad range of gear modules while also meeting daily production requirements.

Company Profile: Davall Gears

Launched more than a century ago, this company has the institutional knowledge that allows it to tackle the most challenging custom gearbox and spiral gear-form designs.

Clamping Onto Increased Production

Versatile workholding solutions can decrease setup times and increase productivity, allowing gear manufacturers to improve process efficiency.

Integrated Heat Treating

By: Dr. Volker Heuer, Dr. Klaus Löser, Gunther Schmitt & Karl Ritter

Recent developments allow the integration of heat treatment into the gear manufacturing line and to synchronize heat treatment with gear machining.

Company Profile: JLM Systems, Ltd.

Developer of OILMISER technologies, this company provides clean and efficient fluid handling devices to customers found around the world.

Refurbishing Wind Turbine Gears

By: Gary J. Sroka Ph.D. & Dr. Ron Benson

Isotropic superfinishing represents a value adding, low cost option for refurbishing both case carburized and nitrided gears.

Alternatives to Gear Grinding

By: Sanjai Keshavan

Honing and cup wheel superfinishing can be a cost-effective and higher-quality alternative to gear bore and face grinding. Nagel Precision provides the details.

Reducing Gear Rattle

By: Mikel Janitz

The professionals at Muncie Power Products help you to address—and eliminate—gear noise/rattle one step at a time.

Increasing Efficiency with Synchronized Systems

By: John Meyer

Already known for its expertise in forging, castings, and a host of gear-manufacturing processes, Custom Gear upgrades with technologies provided by Reishauer and Siemens.

A Grinding Solution

By: John Donkers

A customer had a problem using their existing gears in a new application. Ontario Drive & Gear provided the solution. Here's how they did it.

The Case for Cold Rolling

By: Steven Van Dyck

For many gear and spline applications requiring high strength and a smooth surface finish, cold roll forming may be the preferred process.

Better Bevel Gear Production

By: Michael Hayes

Gleason's newly designed Phoenix 280C bevel gear cutting machine is faster and easier to use than ever before, providing dependability and boosting productivity.

Milling Tools for Bevel Gears

By: Guenter Wermeister

Close collaboration between industry partners creates efficient, productive, and high-quality solutions for gear milling, according to Sandvik Coromant.

Clamping Large Turned Parts

By: Steve Hartung

Many industries, such as renewable energy, require large parts, so machine shops should review their workholding equipment to make sure they're up to the task.