Company Profile: Ronson Gears

By: Tim Byrd

Proudly Australian with an international reputation for quality, Ronson Gears has become a market leader by thinking globally.

The Anatomy of a Lubrication Erosion Failure:...

By: Raymond J. Drago , William Flynn & Roy Cunningham

A discussion of detailed destructive metallurgical evaluations of a specific lubrication erosion failure, which the authors have conducted in order to analyze and characterize...

Company Profile: Winzeler Gear

By: Tim Byrd

Winzeler Gear is like no other precision plastic gear facility. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind, creative gear company that makes you think differently about gear design and...

Using Integrated Computational Material Science...

By: Ganapathi Krishnan, Richard Holmes, Robert Tryon, Ed Pope, Richard Warns & Vikas Tomar

Inclusion of computational materials engineering into currently established integrated product development processes increase the competitiveness of any manufacturer that...

Company Profile: Great Lakes Gear Technologies

By: Tim Byrd

Aside from his role at Great Lakes Gear Technologies, Ray Mackowsky’s years witnessing CNC development in gear production have given him a unique view of what’s to...

Ductile Iron for Open Gearing – A Current...

By: Fabrice Wavelet & Michel Pasquier

While steel is well known as a gearing material, for both its strengths and its weaknesses, ductile iron remains a lesser-known commodity even after several decades of...

Contact Analysis for Planets in KISSsoft

By: Benjamin Mahr, Ioannis Kaliakatsos & Hanspeter Dinner

A precise analysis of the contact ratios in the meshing of gears is essential, whether you are designing new gears or assessing existing gear units.

Company Profile: Rave Gears

By: Tim Byrd

The story of RAVE Gears in Seguin, Texas, is a short one. But the roots of the company date back almost 30 years.

A Plastic Gear Design Update

Plastic provides great design freedom, allowing for gear configurations too difficult or expensive to create with metal.

Advances in Abrasive Technology for Grinding...

By: Michael Hitchiner, David Graham & Phil Plainte

Advances in wheel technology, especially those related to dressable vitrified bonds utilizing engineered ceramic grains, offer a significant shift in thinking of how to rough...

Gearing Up to a Better Chamfering and Deburring...

By: Karl-Josef Schaferling, Dipl.-Ing.

The chamfering and deburring of gears is often an undervalued process in gear production. However, it has a great influence on the usage characteristics of the work piece.

Go Big, Go Indexable

By: Todd Miller

Advanced carbide insert technology meshes with increased demand for large gears.

Cost Reduction Using Powder Metal for Pump and...

By: Bob Aleksivich & Ernie Wheeler

The powder metal process provides engineered components in just about every industry today, especially producing high quality gears of all types. The following article outlines...

Company Profile: Milwaukee Gear

By: Robin Yale Bergstrom

Milwaukee Gear may be old, but they keep their edge sharp by investing regularly in the latest technology. Plus, they've got some truly gifted machinists.

Precision Planetary Servo Gearheads

By: Gerhard Antony & Arthur Pantelides

Because of their versatility, as well as their ability to speed-up and automate the complex motion sequences, today's automated computer-controlled machineries, intelligent...

Meeting the Challenges of Measuring Large Parts

By: Dwight Smith & Hans-Helmut Rauth

Manufacturers of large gear inspection equipment have to meet a number of new challenges with respect to physical size, moving masses, and thermal effects.

Validation of a Model of the NREL Gearbox...

By: Dr. Christopher Halse, Zachary Wright & Dr. Ashley Crowther

Manufacturers, engineering consultants, and gear and bearing software providers are part of a program to model, build, simulate, and test gearboxes with a goal to improve...

The Future of Gear Bearing Technology

By: Tim Byrd & John Vranish

The high-load capacity of gear bearings can further reduce cost by enabling the use of less expensive, lower strength materials.

Enhancing Control of Distortion Through...

By: Dr. Volker Heuer, Dr. Klaus Loeser, Dr. Thorsten Leist, ALD & David Bolton

By applying the technology of Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) and High Pressure Gas Quenching (HPGQ), the distortion caused by heat treatment can be significantly reduced.

AGMAs Wealth of Resources

By: Tim Byrd

The American Gear Manufacturers Association offers a seemingly endless stream of academia and networking opportunities for its members.

CASE STUDY: The Gleason Works

By: Viewpoint Systems, Inc. & Jim Campbell

Viewpoint Systems Improves Gear Finishing Using Real-Time Embedded Control System With NI RIO Hardware

Handling Twist

By: Thomas Weber

There is a lot to be said for the precise measuring methods that can be achieved right on the production machine, specifically on the 5-axes LFG.

Company Profile: Scot Forge

By: Tim Byrd

In today's "need it yesterday" world, Scot Forge produces parts better and faster—with a smile.

Casting, Forming, and Forging

By: Joe Davis

Gear manufacturers depend on machinery available, design specifications or requirements, cost of production, and type of material from which the gear is to be made.

Development of Novel CBN Grade for Electroplated...

By: Dr. Sridhar Kompella, Jim Fiecoat, Uppili Sridharan & Shuang Ji

The unique requirements of an electroplatable superabrasive CBN grit used in profile grinding of hardened steel gears, as well as the attributes and grinding behavior of a new...

A Field Case Study of 'Whining' Gear Noise in...

By: Yefim Kotlyar, Sam Mleczko, German Alonso Acosta & Marshall Guerra

A description of one helical gear application in which an improvement was achieved through the elimination of profile modification.

Company Profile: Carbide Tool Services

By: Tim Byrd

A leader in the niche indexable tool repair industry, Carbide Tool Services has progressed just as consistently as the cutting tools industry.

Workholding: A Vital Component of Gear...

By: Chris Brown

Machining quality gears begins with the right workholding solution. Gear workholding is, however, almost as complex as gears themselves, and often less understood.

Contemporary Gear Pre-Machining Solutions

By: Claus Kobialka, Dr.-Ing.

The optimization of each process can be achieved by the integration of different processes. This shows a high potential for the reduction of the lead time, as well as an...