Company Profile: Perry Technology Corp.

By: Russ Willcutt

Since its beginnings as a solution to a physicist's problem, this company has become a powerhouse in the production of high-precision gears.

Sophisticated Software for Real-Time Data...

By: Marvin Nicholson

The electronic revolution of recent years has brought the world to our fingertips, and new software provides that same immediate information access to the manufacturing process.

Polyglycols for Lubricating Large Gear Drives

By: Hermann Siebert. P.E. & Ulrich Mann, Ph.D.,

Long used for the successful lubrication of worm gears, polyglycol-based synthetic oils now present a viable option for large enclosed gear drives.

The Power of Powder

By: GKN Sinter Metals

Powder metal is poised to become a viable option for manufacturers seeking lower production costs and higher-precision gears.

The Basics of Rebuilding Machine Tools

Why retire a perfectly good machine tool that may still provide years of useful service life? The following is a step-by-step outline of "How to make cents out of...

PVD Coatings for Improved Gear Production

By: Dennis T. Quinto, Ph.D.

Not only do PVD coatings extend the life of your gear-cutting tools, they can also impart beneficial properties to the actual gears being produced.

Direct Gear Design Drives Performance

By: Dr. A. L. Kapelevich

On custom jobs, consider Direct Gear Design—an application-driven gear development process with primary emphasis on performance maximization and cost efficiency.

Company Profile: Arrow Gear Company

As president and owner of Modern Gearing, Matt Lane has worked hard to uphold--and enhance--the reputation of a company with a long tradition of service and quality.

The Secret to Sigma Pool's Success

The Sigma Pool—a collaboration between industry giants Klingelnberg, Liebherr, and Oerlikon—is providing solutions to the global gear market.

Company Profile: Modern Gearing

As president and owner of Modern Gearing, Matt Lane has worked hard to uphold—and enhance—the reputation of a company with a long tradition of service and...

Company Profile: mG miniGears

With a global presence, a reputation for precision, and an aggressive business plan, mG miniGears is poised and prepared to expand on its position as a market leader.

Company Profile: New England Gear

Jeff Barnes knows Fellows gear machines, and those "in the know" consider him the primary source for rebuilt equipment, parts, and service.

More MAAG for your Money

Since MAAG machines are known for their precision and durability, savvy owners are upgrading their existing equipment.

Nachi's Dry-Cutting Philosophy

The Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, and the Nachi Machining Technology Company, are hot on the trail of eliminating coolants from the tool-cutting process.

Surface Coatings for Superior Gears

Surface-hardened materials are widely used in manufacturing gears, and carburizing, and sometimes nitriding, is normally used as a hardening treatment,...

Mira, Mira

A Glimpse into the Future of Grinding and Honing Gears.

Company Profile: Lawler Gear Corp.

From a four-man operation to a thriving business employing some two-dozen experienced workers, Lawler Gear provides an interesting mix of gear-related services.

Material Benefits at 300 Below

It's no longer a secret that cryogenic processing adds longer wear life and increased durability to gears, tools, and components.