Company Profile: Chamfermatic, Inc.

Ease of use, sturdy construction, reasonable cost, and a host of excellent standard features are just a few of the attributes this company’s deburring machines provide.

Measuring Excellence in Polymer Gearing

By: Douglas Felsenthal

While the art may be found in the manufacturing of polymer gears, the science involves measurement, and Kleiss Gears is the expert in combining the two.

Reducing Gear Whine in Planetary Gear...

By: Shounak M. Athavale, Ph.D.

In an article penned by a technical specialist at the Ford Research Laboratory, two assembly techniques to reduce transmission error in planetary gear systems are examined.

Selecting the Right PFPE Lubricant

By: George Mock

Extreme environments call for extreme lubricating measures, and perfluoropolyethers, or PFPEs, provide the characteristics required for these—and other—demanding...


Company Profile: Canton Drop Forge

From producing buggy parts at the turn of the last century to aerospace and wind-power applications today, this company's growth reflects the evolution of U.S....

Microgeometry and Bias in Helical Gear Noise...

By: Donald R. Houser, Ph.D.

While excitation usually originates within the gear mesh, it then radiates throughout the mechanism and is amplified by the housing. Understanding this will lead to better design.

Company Profile: Larson Forgings

Now celebrating its 113th year in business, this fourth-generation, privately-held company is the culmination of a Swedish immigrant's American dream.

Low-Cycle Bending Fatigue of AISI 9310 Steel Spur...

By: Timothy L. Krantz, Dr. Robert F. Handschuh, Bradley A. Lerch & Christopher S. Burke

This investigation—by members of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, NASA's Glenn Research Center, and the QSS Group, Inc.—examines a raw material for steel spur...

Natural Frequencies & Modal Properties of...

By: Robert G. Parker, Ph.D.

All vibration modes can be classified into one of three types—rotational, translational, and planet modes. In this article the author provides a detailed...


Direct Design for High-Performance Gear...

By: Dr. A. L. Kapelevich

For demanding applications where custom gearing is required, the Direct Gear Design method may be just the approach you're looking for. This article presents an in—depth...

Company Profile: Aerocom Industries, Inc.

Revamped, recharged, and relocated, this Longmont, Colorado-based company is poised to finally reach its true potential as a premier aerospace and commercial supplier.


Company Profile: Machine Tool Builders, Inc.

Over the past 12 years this company has experienced steady growth, reinvesting its proceeds internally to become a remarkably agile rebuilder, retrofitter, and software designer.

A Solid State of Affairs

By: Kerem Durdag

This article explains how a solid—state sensor can be used to monitor the viscosity of lubricants in your operation's fixed assets, leading to longer gearbox...

Surface Hardening: Hard Turning or Grinding?

By: A.W. Warren & Y.B. Guo

In order to determine which produces the best results, a detailed comparison is presented here to help you make the right decisions between these finishing processes.

Planetary Gear Parametric Instability

By: J. Lin

Tooth mesh contact conditions can result in parametric instability in planetary gears. The following technical article explores the causes, and discusses the cures.

Face-off: Face Hobbing vs. Face Milling

By: Dr.-Ing. Hartmut MĂĽller

Which process is best for you? Depends on the application. Read on for an in-depth examination of the pros and cons of each.

Time to Shift Gears on Heat Treating?

By: Peter Hushek

For an in-depth examination of the current state of the heat-treating industry, who better to consult than a fourth-generation industry professional? Read on for a gear-centric...

Company Profile: Oliver Gear

For more than a century this company has worked to build a solid reputation based on innovation, excellent customer service, and a commitment to quality.

Turbo - Abrasive Machining for Edge and Surface...

By: Michael Massarsky, Ph.D. & David A. Davidson

In addition to mechanical deburring, turbo-abrasive machining provides benefits including isotropic surfaces, improved profiles, and beneficial compressive stress.

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

By: Salvator Nigarura, Rajesh Parameswaranand & Juan R. L. Trasorras

A technical paper discussing the effect of root densification depth and tooth loading mode on fatigue life.

Company Profile: Iosso Metal Processes

A cutting-tool salesman saw a need and applied his academic training as a chemist to develop a new coating, resulting in a wealth of benefits to his company's...

Oil Quenching Technologies For Gears

By: Daniel H. Herring & Steven D. Balme

In order to gain the benefits of oil quenching, you must understand all of the process variables involved. In the following, two heat—treat professionals share their...

Diagnostic Tool Helps Develop Profile for...

A high-speed infrared camera with software to calibrate, freeze and record temperatures after each heat cycle is a diagnostic tool developing a process for profile hardening...

Superior Bearings for Extruder Gearboxes

By: David Martin

Recent improvements have made spherical roller thrust bearings superior alternatives to the traditional bearing types used in output shaft applications. Here's...


Company Profile: Hydra-Lock Corporation

As the originator of hydraulic work- and tool-holding devices, this company has spent the past 60 years earning a reputation for creativity, innovation, and quality.

Gaining the Edge in CBN Tool Performance

By: William Shaffer

EMG edge preparation, developed by Conicity Technologies, can be applied to nearly any material to improve the performance of a wide variety of cutting tools.

Coating Applications for Spur Gears

By: Timothy L. Krantz, Clark V. Cooper, Dennis P. Townsend & Bruce D. Hansen

The following paper describes details concerning the increased surface fatigue lives of spur gears by application of a coating.

Company Profile: Mabry Castings Ltd.

With a history of dedication to service & quality, this company is poised to provide gear manufacturers with the castings they need to ensure success.

Comparing Castings and Forgings

By: Tim Zwirlein

When designing large structural components it's critical to make an informed decision between castings and forgings. The following paper by Rexnord provides an in-depth...

New Links in the Production Chain

By: Sascha Ungewiss & Bill Miller

As part of the Kapp Group, Niles has designed machines that decrease the cost per piece while increasing the quality of the finished parts.

A Novel Hob Design for Precision Involute Gears...

By: Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

The following paper outlines the development of a new precision gear hob design for machining involute gears on conventional gear-hobbing machines.

Workholding Made Simple

By: David A. Stokely

Overly complicated designs can sometimes prove detrimental, especially when it comes to workholding devices. The following describes how simplicity can lead to better outcomes.

Taking Hold with Hydraulics

By: Sean Cresent & Robert Laube

Hydra-Lock has a long history of manufacturing custom-designed hydraulic workholding and toolholding devices that are constantly evolving to meet its customer's needs.

A Novel Hob Design for Precision Involute Gears...

By: Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

The following paper outlines the development of a new precision gear hob design for machining involute gears on conventional gear-hobbing machines.