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December 2015


Company Profile: Penn Reels

A recognized best-in-class fishing reel product line, a dedicated pursuit of advanced gear technology, and an inspiring 80-year history has helped Penn Reels become a key player in the industry of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

The beginning of Penn Reels is not only a story of an American dream, but also a story of a fishing tackle manufacturer that revolutionized saltwater angling. It started in 1922 when Otto Henze, a 25-year-old machinist, moved from Germany to the United States and began working for the Ocean City Reels Company in Philadelphia. Ten […]
Molly J. Rogers

Advantages of Direct Gear Design For Automotive Polymer Gear Drives

Direct Gear Design, a development process where gear parameters are primary and tool parameters are secondary, maximizes performance of plastic gearing by compensating for polymer property limitations.

Invention of the gear-generating machining process that uses the gear rack shape tooling cutting edge (as shown in Figure 1) established basic principles of traditional gear design. Parameters of the tooling gear rack such as the profile (or pressure) angle, addendum, whole depth, and fillet radius proportions are standardized and used as input gear design […]
Alexander Kapelevich, Thomas M. McNamara

An Improved Load-Equalizing Means For a Multi-Flow Gear Train

A method for equal power sharing in planetary gearboxes is proposed based on the use of elastic absorbers of manufacturing errors.

This paper relates to the load-equalizing capabilities of planetary gearboxes, and more generally, addresses the load-equalizing capabilities of multi-flow gear trains, that is, gear trains that feature two or more flows of transmitted power. Typically due to manufacturing errors, displacements under operating load, or other factors, planetary pinions share power disproportionately. Enhanced accuracy in the […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

Actual Tooth Contact Analysis of Straight Bevel Gears

When measuring with coordinate measuring machines, a new proposed approach is utilized to capture deviations from spherical involute bevel gears; these deviations are then used in tooth contact analysis.

Straight bevel gears are the simplest type of bevel gears that transfer power between intersecting axes [1]. They are widely used in low-speed applications or static-loading conditions. Differential gears are one such application where the speed is very low and the load type is mainly static. There are still several traditional applications of straight bevel […]
Jui Chen, Dale K. Benedict, Glen Steyer, Haris Ligata, Mohsen Kolivand


Gear Surfaces and Operational Performance

While the surface of a gear comprises only a fraction of the component’s overall mass, its physical properties impact the performance of that component in operation.

In the search for increased performance and durability, gear and bearing design has sought to make use of improved steel grades combined with enhanced heat treatment techniques. The aim of these improvements is to prevent irregularity or impurity failures of the bulk metal substrate. This advancement in material preparation has enabled design limits to be […]
Justin Michaud

Gear Expo 2015 Recap

At AGMA’s Gear Expo in Detroit, there were many signs of how the machines in the gear industry have changed.

Most of you know that the gear production machines today are much more capable and productive than those of even 10 years ago. However, I was impressed as to how far those machines and others have come. Gear Expo 2015 offered an opportunity to see them in action. Since the mid-1980s, gear machines of all […]
David Senkfor

Convection Phase

Velocity, boundary layer, and turbulence in quenching have implications on heat transfer in batch and continuous furnaces.

Anyone who has attended a technical seminar on quenching has heard of the three stages of oil quenching: the vapor phase, the film boiling phase, and, finally, the convection phase. We’ve also learned that the first and last are the slowest forms of heat transfer. And we’ve been told that in high pressure gas quenching […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: Year in Review

The U.S. gear manufacturing industry is poised to enter a new era of strength in 2016 due to growth and developments over the past year.

In 2015, we saw strides being made in several areas, including an increase in research and development efforts paired with a demand for more funding and technological investments. There have also been new and revised standards created and implemented by AGMA, ANSI, and ISO. One example of such a standard is the revised ISO 9001 […]
Anna Claire Howard

Q&A with Tim Hardwick

District Sales and Product Manager

Please give us a brief overview of Thermotech and your background with the company. Thermotech is a high-end custom injection molding manufacturer. We do approximately $75 million in sales a year. Our business is 55-percent automotive, and the rest is small engine, consumer, commercial, and industrial parts. We have ISO/TS 16949:2009-certified plants in Minnesota and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


AGMAs Deadline for Abstracts Is Fast Approaching

The deadline to submit an abstract to be considered for presentation at the AGMA 2016 Fall Technical Meeting from October 2-4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is Friday, January 15, 2016. If you would like to submit your abstract through the online portal, click here. You may use your existing username and password if you have previously […]
December 21, 2015

Samputensili Introduces Dry Grinding of Gears

  Samputensili, one of the biggest producers of solutions for the gear manufacturing, has recently launched a world premiere at EMO Milan 2015, a ground-breaking concept that totally eliminates the need for cutting oils during the grinding of gears after heat treatment. The new revolutionary machine, which is called SG 160 Sky Grind, features two […]
December 17, 2015

Forest City Gear Names Duke Sims to New General Manager Position

Forest City Gear is pleased to announce the appointment of Duke Sims to the newly created role of general manager. Sims’ most recent position at Regal-Beloit was as the group vice president of the mechanical division overseeing seven different divisions related to gearing and mechanical components. With a diverse background in sales and marketing leadership, […]
December 16, 2015

Hewland Introduces Latest Bevel Grinding Capacity

With efficiency increasingly key to automotive applications the world-over, Hewland Engineering announced the installation of a state-of-the-art Klingelnberg Oerlikon G60 Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine. Utilizing Klingelnberg’s advanced KIMOS closed-loop manufacturing system, the G60 consistently produces efficient, durable gears through its highly accurate and repeatable manufacturing process. Now completing its first components, the new machine […]
December 16, 2015

New Cloud-Based Simulation Applications Changing the Game for Manufacturing

Comet Solutions, Inc., the innovative provider of Simulation Applications (SimApps™) for simulation-driven design, announced the availability of Cloud-based SimApps. By capturing and embedding the experience of senior analysts, SimApps allow simulations to be run more easily, consistently, and safely. Comet SimApps deliver measurable gains in productivity, cost savings, quality, and innovation for leading aerospace, automotive, […]
December 16, 2015

BCGear Develops Software Tool for Optimizing Gear Designs

A new software tool called BCG-MinWeight has been developed by BCGear & Engineering, Inc., a provider of design and manufacturing engineering services for the gear industry, located in Detroit, Michigan. BCG-MinWeight specifies basic parameters for gear designs in order to optimize for size and weight. By providing inputs for design ratio, power, and input RPM […]
December 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Koepfer impresses customers with K160 Repowered CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Koepfer America, LLC has completed the next step in its K-Repowered CNC re-control program with the first K160 Repowered CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, which was displayed at Gear Expo 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. New, potential customers were impressed with the quality of the machine as a cost-effective, like-new hobbing machine, and current customers were interested […]
December 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Heller Offers New 5-axis Machining Center with the CP 4000

The recently introduced CP 4000 series horizontal machining centers accomplish horizontal, vertical, and tilted turning with A and B axis with high dynamics and chip removal rates. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the 5-axis mill/turning center CP 4000, equipped with PCU 63 swivel head unit and HSK-T 63 spindle taper, has a work area of 800/800/1,045 mm […]
December 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Schunk’s TENDOzero Provides Micron Precision

Micron precision is always a requirement for drilling, reaming, and line boring. Schunk now offers a hydraulic expansion toolholder with a run-out accuracy of 0.00 mm, which can be quickly adjusted. The TENDOzero is equipped with four lateral set-screws, which directly affect the tool shank, the angular position of the tool is corrected, and run-out […]
December 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Emco Maier Introduces VT 400 Inverted Vertical Turning for Production

Emco Maier is expanding its successful line of compact heavy-duty inverted vertical turning machines for production with the Vertical VT 400, designed with integrated automation for complete machining of cast or forged chucking parts to 400 mm (15.75 in.) diameter. The VT 400 utilizes the machine spindle and chuck to load and unload parts. The […]
December 16, 2015