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July 2007


Company Profile: Iosso Metal Processes

A cutting-tool salesman saw a need and applied his academic training as a chemist to develop a new coating, resulting in a wealth of benefits to his company's customers.

While working as a sales manager for a cutting-tool company, Richard C. Iosso found himself intrigued by the thought of somehow making the edges stay sharp longer. An academically trained chemist, he began developing and testing different compounds on his own time at home, eventually arriving at a chromium-based alloy coating that, when applied to […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Oil Quenching Technologies For Gears

In order to gain the benefits of oil quenching, you must understand all of the process variables involved. In the following, two heat—treat professionals share their expertise.

Oil quenching is a logical choice for gears. Atmosphere and vacuum carburizing carbonitriding of gears followed by oil quenching is a popular choice among manufacturers to achieve consistent mechanical and metallurgical properties and predictable distortion patterns. The reason oil quenching is so popular is due to its excellent performance results and stability over a broad […]
Daniel H. Herring, Steven D. Balme

Diagnostic Tool Helps Develop Profile for Induction Hardening Process

A high-speed infrared camera with software to calibrate, freeze and record temperatures after each heat cycle is a diagnostic tool developing a process for profile hardening gears. The method can eliminate costly and most often destructive examination.

Combining process monitoring and a diagnostic tool to develop a process for contour (profile) hardening gear teeth or tooth-like objects on parts having gear-like geometry can eliminate costly and most often destructive quality checks. The process tool is an extension of the dual pulse induction hardening (DPIH) process. A high-value gear requires a hard wear-resistant […]
Steven D. Balme, Daniel H. Herring

Superior Bearings for Extruder Gearboxes

Recent improvements have made spherical roller thrust bearings superior alternatives to the traditional bearing types used in output shaft applications. Here’s how—and why.

Demand for plastic components and materials in industrial and consumer applications is growing rapidly, and in all geographic regions. As demand increases, original-equipment manufacturers and their end-user customers are seeking new ways to improve the output and productivity of plastic extruder machines and extruder gearboxes. One potential solution involves greater use of spherical roller thrust […]
David Martin


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Familiarity can breed complacency, in our lives and in the workplace, so it's important to constantly seek out ways to stay focused on the job at hand, and to encourage employees to do the same.

I recently read an interesting article titled “Puncturing the Myth of World Class Safety.” It appeared in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, and it endeavored to explain the meaning of “world class” safety. In doing so it came to the conclusion that claiming world class safety was mostly a marketing gimmick. The real truth is […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth cracks are often found to be a culprit when conducting a complete failure analysis

When conducting a complete failure analysis, tooth cracks are often found to be a culprit. The following installment discusses why this happens, and how it can be avoided.

Cracks originating in the surface of the tooth flank are due to Hertzian stressing at a depth relative to the maximum Hertz shear stress. The Hertz law provides the radius of contact between a sphere of elastic material and a surface in terms of the sphere’s radius, the normal force exerted on the sphere, and […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Jason Kupkovits

Sales Manager – Therm-Tech of Waukesha, Inc.

When was Therm-Tech founded, and by whom? Charles Wiberg founded the company in 1982, and although he’s now retired he still sits on the board and plays an active role in our current activities and plans for the future. His son, Steven, is a metallurgist and now our president, and his daughter, Mary Springer, is […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Major Expansion for R.P. Machine

R.P. Machine Enterprises, Inc., has broken ground on a new 40,000 square-foot facility at its headquarters in Statesville, North Carolina. The additional space, outfitted with a heavy crane, will allow the company to bolster its current activities while pursuing encouraging new markets. “This expansion will aid in the development of the G&E gasher line used […]
July 1, 2007

New Lean-Design XL-80 Laser Calibration System from Renishaw

Renishaw advances technology leadership in laser interferometer calibration with introduction of a new “lean-design” XL-80 system. The all-new design allows a 4X faster slew rate, 10X higher dynamic data capture rate, and industry’s best total system accuracy in a smaller, lighter, and more portable package. Meeting industry trends to high-speed machinery, higher precision, and greater […]
July 1, 2007

RBC Bearings Completes Acquisition of Phoenix Bearings Limited

RBC Bearings, Inc.—a leading international manufacturer of highly-engineered precision plain, roller, and ball bearings for the industrial, defense, and aerospace industries—announces that it has acquired Phoenix Bearings Limited for approximately $4.3 million in cash. Phoenix, located in Gloucestershire, England, manufactures bearings for the steel and mining industries as well as other general industrial applications with […]
July 1, 2007

Ohio State Gearlab to Host Upcoming Courses

The Ohio State University’s Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory will host two short courses in September: Basic Gear Noise Short Course, September 12-14, 2007, The Ohio State University. Cost, $1,550: The Basic Gear Noise Short Course has been offered for over 28 years and is considered extremely valuable for gear designers and noise […]
July 1, 2007

Boeing Joins Billion Dollar Roundtable

Boeing has become one of the newest members of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, an organization that brings together major corporations that make meaningful and measurable contributions to the economic growth of woman-owned and minority-owned companies. Don McKneely and Sharon Patterson, roundtable co-founders, formally introduced Boeing as one of the newest member companies at a recent […]
July 1, 2007

Curtiss-Wright Acquires Scientech, LLC

Curtiss-Wright Corporation announces that it has acquired the assets of Scientech, LLC, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, for approximately $57.8 million. Scientech is a global provider of commercial nuclear power instrumentation, electrical components, specialty hardware, process control systems, and proprietary database solutions aimed at improving safety and plant performance, efficiency, reliability, and reducing costs. The business […]
July 1, 2007

Drakes™ New MINI External Thread Grinder Targets Small Parts Makers

With a work envelope of just 100mm x 100mm, Drake’s new GS:TEM “MINI” 3-Axis Thread Grinder is aimed at higher volume, precision threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment industries. Drake recently shipped its first “MINI” to an Asian manufacturer of taps and other cutting tools. The machine was equipped […]
July 1, 2007

Bison Gear Marks Two Anniversaries

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. is celebrating two important anniversaries this year. Twenty years ago CEO Ron Bullock purchased Bison Gear and has worked to consistently expand its size, scope, and mission to become a world-class gearmotor, electric motor, and gear reducer manufacturer. Since 1987 Bison has tripled employment and increased sales sevenfold. Bison is […]
July 1, 2007

ABA-PGT Expands Sales Applications Engineering Team

ABA-PGT, a world-class injection molder and mold builder specializing in plastic gears and critical-to-function precision motion transfer components, is pleased to announce that Richard R. Kuhr has joined their sales and applications engineering team. Kuhr brings over 30 years of gear design and manufacturing experience to ABA-PGT. A mechanical engineering graduate of the University of […]
July 1, 2007