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Archives July 2006


July 2006


Company Profile: Pyromaitre Inc.

Already known for its creativity and ability to overcome challenges, this company is quickly building a global reputation for its heat-transfer technologies.

As president and founder of Pyromaitre, Mario Grenier has established a reputation for his creativity and problem-solving skills. Perhaps those seeds were sewn during his university studies, when he received degrees in both psychology and audiology. “I was interested in the research side of things,” he says, “delving into matters having to do with sensory […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

High Performance Gears for Heavy Duty Transmissons

Surface densification and warm compaction lead to greater density in PM gears, resulting in higher strength and improved fatigue properties.

Planetary gears in heavy truck gearboxes are normally manufactured by forging a blank, turning, hobbing, shaving, and heat-treatment followed by grinding. Due to the size of the gear the net shape capability of powder metallurgy (PM) methods can be a cost effective alternative to conventional manufacturing. Warm compaction and surface densification are two PM methods […]
Sven Bengtsson

Engineered Heat Treatment for Stronger Aerospace Gears

An ongoing project sponsored by the U.S. Army and headed by Deformation Control Technology, Inc., is providing important insights into an innovative quenching process.

It is well established that carburization of low alloy steels promotes compressive residual surface stress upon quenching, and that compressive surface stresses enhance fatigue life. Building upon these principles, a U.S. Army sponsored project is in progress to improve helicopter gear fatigue life through innovative quenching and the achievement of deeper compressive surface stress. The […]
A.M. Freborg, B.J. Smith, D.X. Schwam, Z. Li, B.L. Ferguson

Advances in Single-Pass Bore Finishing

Knowledge of the proper production processes for your operation can lead to major per-piece cost savings, making you more competitive when quoting new projects.

The single-pass bore finishing process was originally developed to improve the bore quality of cast iron components, such as hydraulic valve bodies. For many years it was thought that while ideally suited for similar through-bore applications, its use would be limited. This initial belief has proven to be unfounded, as the single-pass process now has […]
Robert Marvin


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

The problem with being exposed to loud noise is that hearing loss doesn't occur till years down the road, but the solution is simple—provide your employees with hearing protection, and tell them why it matters.

How are you enjoying your summer so far? This is the time of year that causes many production difficulties due to vacations and other reasons for employee absence. We can easily understand their reasons, and we really can’t expect to change this fact. It happens every year, and it will continue to happen whether we […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

In this column the author discusses the history and development of surface hardness scales, including the various types and the associated pros and cons.

The first scale for comparing the hardness of materials was devised by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1820. The scale is based on a sequence of 10 carefully selected substances arranged by their ability to scratch those lower down on the list. The materials ranged from the highest, such as diamond and topaz, to […]
William P. Crosher

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

This installment is aimed at providing updated information on some ISO technical projects and recent activities that are currently in process.

An active ISO Working Group (WG) typically meets two to four times a year during active project development. It is time again to review the current ISO gear standards activity with a brief report on various WG meetings that occurred in May 2006. The highlights are: WG 2: Accuracy of gears—The WG resolved all final […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Gary Doyon

President, Inductoheat, Inc. USA

GS: Tell us about your background with Inductoheat. GD: This marks my twentieth year with the Inductotherm Group, Inductoheat’s parent company, though I began my career with Thermatool—also part of the Inductotherm Group. I started off in marketing and sales, and then became vice president of sales before going into operations. I was vice president […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


New Technology for Bevel and Cylindrical Gear Production from Gleason

Gleason will introduce and demonstrate several new technologies at IMTS ’06 (booth # B-6902) designed to speed throughput and take cost out of gear production. Significant among the new products on display will be: • Gleason’s new Genesis™ 130H CNC Vertical Hobbing Machine, featuring a revolutionary new design that optimizes dry machining, significantly reduces floor […]
July 1, 2006

Ohio State’s Gear Lab to Hold Courses

Upcoming courses presented by The Ohio State University’s Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory include the following: • Basic Gear Noise Short Course, September 13-15, 2006 (cost: $1,450). The Basic Gear Noise Short Course has been offered for over 27 years and is considered extremely valuable for gear designers and noise specialists who encounter […]
July 1, 2006

Boeing Announces Aviall Acquisition

The Boeing Company and Aviall, Inc., announce that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Boeing’s acquisition of Aviall in an all-cash merger for $48 per share, or $1.7 billion. Boeing will also assume approximately $350 million of net debt as part of the transaction. Aviall is the largest independent provider of new aviation […]
July 1, 2006

China International Machine Components Industry Exhibition Set for Shanghai

From September 25-28, 2006, at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre, the world of machine components will come together at Machine Components 2006; the trade fair for the entire spectrum of the industry. Under the canopy of Machine Components 2006 will also be two special events: namely 2006 International Fastener Technology Exhibition for China (Fastener China […]
July 1, 2006