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June 2005


Company Profile: CST-Cinti

Whether you’re in Dallas or Dublin, there’s a source in Cincinnati that can provide you with excellent gears, and the expertise to back them up.

Australia, Hong Kong, South America, Canada, Singapore, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Swedenä nearly anywhere you go you’ll find gearboxes and component gears manufactured by CST-“Cinti,” according to Robert W. Rye, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Our products are in use across a wide spectrum of markets, both geographically and also from […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Attributes of Loaded Gear Tooth Modeling: Part Two

An in-depth understanding of bevel and hypoid gear tooth load sharing, load carrying, and motion transmission will lead to better gear design.

As I mentioned in the first installment of this article (please see June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions magazine), I’m very familiar with the Gleason Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis program and believe that one of its great attributes is the insight it gives into the inner workings of bevel and hypoid gear tooth load sharing, […]
Russell Beach

Softhoning for Hard-Turned Steel Gears

The following case study makes clear the benefits to be gained from incorporating softhoning into your gear finishing process.

Introduction Most applications reserved for flexible honing tools have restricted themselves to removing peaks, torn and folded metal, or other amorphous material created from a honing or boring process. Since most of these flexible tools resemble brushes, brush honing has been a popular name used to describe them. Brush hones work at much lower pressures […]
John Goodman

An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection

In addition to checking part size and quality, gear inspection provides insights into the manufacturing process itself, insuring that your own procedures are properly controlled.

Gear inspection begins with the everyday tasks on the shop floor and extends into the manufacturing laboratory for complex analytical gear evaluation. Some, or all, of these procedures are necessary to maintain process control and to produce parts to the required quality. In particular, inspection can help control the following: • Size of the gear […]
Dennis Gimpert


Bill Bradley: AGMATech

Aimed at providing up-to-date information on gear drive design and application, some of today’s standards activities are reviewed.

As indicated in past columns, one of the reasons geared products are among the most-reliable mechanical systems used in our economy today is the continual development and refinement of gearing standards. This requires that standards be revised to keep up with progressive changes in gear manufacturing technology, gear design methods, and applications. A Revised Standard’s […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Jeff Young

Sales Manager, United Tool Supply Company

When was United Tool founded? My father, Rusty Young, started the company in 1973. He’d worked in the machine tool industry for years, and then he decided to go out on his own selling measuring tools. He’s a trained engineer, and he designed our first gage, which is the model 8600 Unite-A-Matic, and since then […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Time is money, as any manufacturer knows, but cutting corners can lead to dangerous situations, so be sure to encourage your employees to work smart, and stay safe.

In last month’s column I stated my belief that safety could actually be a profit center. It seems that I am not the only one in the machine tool industry who is beginning to feel that way. I recently had the opportunity to read a publication of the Rockwell Automation newsletter titled “Value Stream.” It […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Andy Milburn, P.E.

This months’ installment is the second of three on gearbox lubrication. This column will cover issues related to the selection of gear and bearing lubricants.

This months' installment is the second of three on gearbox lubrication. This column will cover issues related to the selection of gear and bearing lubricants. When available, the lubrication recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer should be followed. However, if problems are encountered with the OEM recommendations or operating conditions change, the following guidelines can […]
Andy Milburn P.E.


Danfoss Provides Geared Motor Solutions for Harsh Environments

Danfoss Bauer’s three-phase BS Series worm geared motors come as a standard two-stage design for improved efficiency. These robust gearmotors offer a variety of installation options, including foot or flange with single or double output shaft, shaft mounting with hollow shaft in keyed, or shrink disk version with torque arm. This versatility makes this right-angle […]
June 1, 2005

New TesaStar Probes from Brown & Sharpe

TesaStarÆ Touch Trigger Probes from Brown & Sharpe Tesa feature an adjustable measuring force to prevent inadvertent triggering when a long stylus is used. Probe trigger force can be easily adjusted using the hexagonal wrench supplied with it. Clockwise rotation increases the trigger force by 0.1 N to approximately 0.3 N. The probe force is […]
June 1, 2005

Bourn & Koch and Star SU Announce Agreement

Timothy E. Helle, president of Bourn & Koch, Inc., Brad Lawton, president of Star Cutter Co., and David W. Goodfellow, president of Star SU LLC have announced that a mutual agreement between Bourn & Koch and Star SU has been reached for the consolidation of sales activities of each company’s respective machine tool product lines. […]
June 1, 2005

New Saw Series from Cosen

Cosen Saws U.S.A. is proud to announce a new series of sawing machines to the U.S. market: the CTS Series. CTS machines are a carbide-tipped circular sawing system. The machines are available in three sizes: KD-65, KD-100, KD-150 or 2.56", 3.93", and 5.90" round capacities respectively. The CTS machines are geared to high volume operation […]
June 1, 2005

Star SU Welcomes New Gear Tool Project Engineer

Mark Ritchie has joined Star SU LLC as gear tool project engineer. He comes to Star SU from Gleason Cutting Tools, where he held a similar position during the past six years working in Rockford, Illinois. Prior to that position Ritchie worked for Atwood Mobile Products for four years. Ritchie earned his bachelor’s degree in […]
June 1, 2005

New Ergo-Tranz T2 Transporter/Lift from ErgotecH

ErgotecH, Inc., has announced the introduction of the Ergo-Tranz T2 Transporter that offers smart functionality at a breakthrough price of only $2,495. The T2 is a lightweight, maneuverable, battery-powered transporter that allows an operator–regardless of their size and strength–to move and position objects up to 220 pounds without manual lifting or body strain. It provides […]
June 1, 2005

Inductoheat Provides Axle Shaft Hardening with VSM-95

The Inductoheat VSM-95Å vertical scanning machine is tooled up to process axle shafts. A major Midwest automotive supplier selected the VSM-95 based on the machine’s rugged design and flexibility afforded with its advanced PLC based controls. The VSM-95, with options supplied, is able to process a broad range of axle shafts. This is accomplished with […]
June 1, 2005

INTEGRAmotor from Bodine

Bodine Electric Company introduces the INTEGRAmotor, which combines a Brushless DC motor and speed control into one compact package. The INTEGRAmotor is designed to reduce wiring and panel space, minimize EMI, and reduce assembly time and cost. Typical applications include office equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, medical equipment, graphics machinery, and factory automation, etc. Operating […]
June 1, 2005